Thursday, November 13, 2014

Learning curves..............

Another awesome day!   All of the regular embroidery girls were busy, but Carol popped in  and we had a great chat. And because of her I was "forced" to trace that last snowflake block and I got most of it stitched.  Thanks Carol - I wouldn't have done it without you!!!!

After I finish this block there are THREE blocks left.   Getting so excited - does that mean I get to choose a new project????  Well - I must pick one to FINISH, not start a new one.

Then off to teach session three of the beginner quilt making class. They are keeners and were learning how to machine quilt yesterday.  They had their quilts basted and ready to go.   Can't wait to see the finished projects in two weeks.

Forgot to show you that the pond has also been shut down for the winter season.  I must get that darn leaf blower out and try to clear some of this away before the snow hits. 

And look at my cutey patootey!!!!!!   That Little Sammy is just the most adorable dog ever.  OK - so I am biased but I am allowed.  She is just fluffy and cute.

Cute Little Sammy
|See - look at that face!!!!! 

Yes - both Sparky and Little Sammy are getting old. They are both pretty white around the face. Poor Sparky is having a very hard time with the stairs particularly in the dark. She is not supposed to be on the stairs and I must find some baby gates. They both have a couple more years, but have definitely slowed down. Love you doggies!!!!!

At one of our recent Monday sewing days, we were chatting about the dentist much to Tish's dismay. She hates the dentist and conversations about the dentist. But one day we got to talking about toothbrushes and I was surprised at how many people have electric toothbrushes. Seriously?????   Well - I have to have one as well. Off to Target (my new favourite store) and I am now the proud owner of an electric toothbrush.

New toothbrush

So there is a learning curve with this thing!   First off - it sort of reminds me of that vibrator thing that the hygienist uses to clean your teeth. Seriously????   I hate that vibrator thing!!!!   Oh well - just suck it up - these electric toothbrushes are supposed to be a good thing. But there is a learning curve - this one has the little signal telling you that you have brushed 30 seconds in one area and stops after 2 minutes.  Hmmmm - my teeth did NOT feel clean when I was done. I don't think I was anywhere near my teeth, wrong angle or whatever,  Let's just say that I used my regular toothbrush when I was done and I think brushing with an electric toothbrush is a learned skill.  I hope to grasp it within the next couple of days!!!!

Loaded another quilt and got part of it done last night. Since I am delivering it later tonight, I had better get a row or two done before I head out to sewing day. Although it won't take long to finish.

I am setting class schedules for the next year at various places.  Oh my - I am so excited - there are some great things.  I hope to get a blurb out soon via e-mail and on the blog so you can see if there is anything that tweaks your interest.

On that note - I am off to get a row or two quilted.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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