Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quilts quilts and more quilts......................

I went to the York Heritage Quilt Show yesterday.  Oh boy - I was a bit hesitant if I wanted to drive all the way there. I had been at knit club in the morning and by the time I was ready to leave - it was 1:30 already!  I am so glad that I went.  What a fabulous show. I took LOADS of pictures and was at Shopper's last night at 9 PM getting a bunch of them printed!  I am adding them to my quilting idea book as there were plenty of GREAT ideas for quilting and a few others that I wasn't so keen on. But it is good to look at what you like and in particular what you DO NOT like.  But the key there is figure out WHY you don't like something so you don't do that kind of quilting on your own quilt. 

Anyway - I am NOT going to post pictures - I didn't ask permission although there are pictures on Facebook (that I did NOT post-  but I shared them this morning) if you are my friend on Facebook ,  - you can see them there or just go to the show. There are a LOT of vendors there - a LOT so it is a great place if you are looking for stuff - lots of cool patterns, cool fabrics and ideas galore!!!!!   I was very good and only brought home a small bag that wasn't filled with much. 

I will be sharing my quilting idea book with my various classes from now on - so you can see what I mean by liking and not liking.  For those I do not like - I am putting in MY idea of how I could improve the quilting. Everything is a learning experience and right now - I have a thing about machine quilting!

 I do have pictures of the show n tell from Thursday. 

This is Maria's quilt that she has been working on for the last couple of months. There are a lot of little pieces in it, but the end result is STUNNING.  I love the coordinated yet scrappy look to it.  One more border which we helped her choose and she is done!!!!

That is one thing I love about our sewing days.  You can get lots of ideas and suggestions for how or why something should be one way or another.

Linda is hand quilting this scrappy quilt.  The picture does not do it justice - it is gorgeous in real life. 

Vivenda finished up her Halloween quilt - just in time to get it quilted for Halloween 2015

Sacha brought these in for show n tell. Bright fabrics with cats - it is STUNNING. And I love her border treatment

Another bright cat quilt for Sacha.  There is NOTHING subtle about her quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sacha was sewing down the binding on this one.  Not quite as bright as the others, but a great way to showcase those prints you don't want to cut up!

Elaine got this pillow cover assembled including a zipper
 There was other stuff - but that is all I snagged photos of.

And Claudette - this is for you!!!!   Thanks to Maria for bringing in some goodies. However when I went to try one of each the other day - ALL of these long ones were missing!!!   I accused Mary of taking them all, but NO - that would have been Claudette. Well I made sure that I got one on Thursday!!!!! 

Then I had a call from a good friend who needed a quilt quilted ASAP for a family member who recently underwent surgery for melanoma. Yikes - well - I don't have time to squeeze in a quilt - NO - I do have time to squeeze in a quilt.

Customer quilt - DONE!!!!

I have to confess that I want this quilt.  OK - so I can make my own, but the BRILLIANT colours of Kaffe Fassett are stunning.  Just a fun happy quilt. It has wool batting in it so hopefully it will cheer this girl's days and keep her warm as she goes through the rest of her treatment.

This is the backing!!Again - pretty darn bright. 

Customer wanted that panel centered.  Yikes - that is an impossible job on the long arm.  You can control one side, but the other side - not so much.  I think it is one inch out - I'm happy with that. 

Here is Little Sammy enjoying the first few flakes of snow for the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying an experiment in the backyard this morning with the bird feeder. So far - I am winning. Let's wait to see if the squirrels can figure this one out. I'll take a picture and show you tomorrow. 

Thought I would share this with you since it drives me crazy.  I HATE painted fabric. It is usually muslins or whites - I don't remember seeing a painted fabric of colour (unless it is hand made).  But I could be wrong on that. 

Anyway - I have had this white fabric with the big roses on it for a long time. Gorgeous fabric, but no place to use it. Well I am using it up - OK - it is gone and I had to use a bit of the fabric on the left to finish the quilt. But when I am stitching through the one on the right - the needle is just punching through it.  I like the look, but not the feel or sewing it!!!   Thank goodness it is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Painted fabric - the one on the right is heavily painted on top, the one on the left - not so much!

  I was at the library yesterday - picking up books, dropping off books and paying a fine. I always give a cursory glance at what books the library is selling.  Hmmmm - this looks interesting............

Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English - seriously????
 Well for $2 - it was mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep - I checked for quilt and whoa - where do they make this stuff up from????

Anyway - beautiful pages that are perfect for collage and I am thinking with the definitions - there is a LOT of inspiration in there!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning M!!!!!   Hope you got to sleep in this morning a bit.  Poor thing had to be at work yesterday morning at 8 AM for a photo shoot which she tells me was interesting.  Hmmmm - What does interesting mean???  I can't wait to hear all the details. 

On that note - I am out of here.  

Two classes to teach today and try to get another quilt loaded on the machine later on. 

Have an awesome day!


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  1. Love the first quilt image you posted -- the scrap quilt by Maria. Do you know the source of the pattern?