Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blast from the past!

It was Sit n Sew day yesterday!  Great fun, lots of laughs and a BLAST FROM THE PAST.

Pat was working on a bunch of little things. She made a fabric book, an advent calendar and bias binding for a quilt. I had a bit of pressing to do for her but not much.

Jennifer was quilting a quilt. OK - so after an initial consultation - she was on her own for the day - no pressing for her!
The front of Jennifer's quilt - she quilted it very simply with straight lines and it looks awesome!!!!
The poly batt makes that quilt puff up very nicely!!!   I love poly batts for this. I am not that fond of quilting them, but I love the end result!!!

I had spotted something bright in Jennifer's bag when she first arrived and she brought it out for show n tell. As a sideline, Jennifer makes garments for military hobby groups.  I hope that is right. Anyway have a look............

This is what she has to make

Here are the cuffs
Part of the front
Part of the collar

Can you imagine sewing that????  I wouldn't even know where to start!  And a lot of it has to be done by hand!!!!!    She is doing an awesome job!!!!

Then I had Wendy!  Wendy used to come to Monday Motivators YEARS ago.  I think I was just getting into cycling so that would be about 7 or 8 years ago. Wendy is an AVID mountain biker and road biker as well. Her entire family as a matter of fact. They are into racing - I am into touring!

Anyway, Wendy has retired from her day job and decided it is time to resurrect the project that she was working on at Mondays so many years ago. I immediately grabbed her blocks and put them on the design wall - have a look..............

The houses from 1997 Piecemakers Calendar - this one in PINK

This one in PURPLE!

I know - she is totally crazy!!!!

Close up of one of the blocks. 

I SO WANT TO MAKE a Piecemakers calendar quilt!!!!   She made good progress - figured out what still needed to be done. She made a few pieces and she went away with plans to get the two quilts completed. I have a feeling, we are going to see Wendy at the Monday Mania or Thursday Therapy sewing days!!!!

I got off lucky as far as pressing goes.  I really didn't have to do much, but the group kept me busy. Giving tips, answering questions and keeping the tea pot filled!!!!   It was an awesome day, but when the group left at four, MY day was just beginning.

I had a quilt that HAD to be done. And so I loaded it up and quilted it. However at a mere 90 inches square - this quilt seemed SMALL compared to the monsters I have had earlier in the week.

Customer quilt - DONE

I have to finish sewing the binding on this morning as the customer is picking it up this morning. There are still a LOT of quilts with looming deadlines. It is going to be intense for the next two weeks. Then the pressure will ease off a LOT.

Yesterday was a crazy day. Thank goodness there were not a lot here for the sit n sew. It appeared that my phone rang all day. And then if it wasn't the phone - it was the dogs - they wanted in - they wanted out!

Speaking of which - Sparky seems to be doing just fine. She is looking happier, moving around a lot more and let's just say that EVERYONE had a good night - thanks to Bonnie protecting my stairs!  In case you have no idea what that means - have a look at yesterday's post. It is pretty funny but it works and it's free!!!

A chat with my Mom who is STILL in ICU.  Is that a good thing or they are being cautious or they have no other bed???   My Dad ran into my Aunt (my mom's sister) who is currently an outpatient at the hospital. some virus in her eyes????   Good grief - the entire family is falling apart!  Looks like they are keeping my mom in the hospital for the weekend. Seems she has arrhythmia which is common in older people!  Lots of tests, hooked up to all kinds of machine and trying different meds to stabilize the situation.

I need to get my knitted log cabin afghan done so in preparation of knitting the sashing - I put all 30 blocks on the design wall.  Looks AWESOME.      

Bet you can't tell where I substituted that spare yarn from Tish!!!!

Might give it a whirl tonight and get Ruthi to show me how to graft these blocks together this week.  Let's see how the quilting goes - it is a jam packed week coming up.

After the Sit n Sew group left yesterday - I started throwing stuff back on the tables. OK - I didn't really, but I needed to serge something so got the space set up for serging.

Space to serge

Once I was finished with that - then onto sewing..............

Reconfigure the space for sewing

And there is the quilt I am putting the binding on

Speaking of which - I had better get that binding on as I have to leave soon for a day of teaching.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I have a Piecemakers' calendar, from way back when - unused, and all the patterns are there. Leave me a note at if you would like to have it. I'll be back at a computer on Monday, and I'll be happy to mail it to you.

    God bless, Christine in Los Angeles