Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I LOVE my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day yesterday was!!!!!!!!!!!   It was the moment of truth. I am teaching a quilting inspiration class at Ruti's. It was supposed to be a class that provided the students with inspirations and ideas for quilting designs. It is involving into a free motion quilting class, but that is OK - since what good are the ideas if you can't do the free motion!

Well I have THREE classes on the same day and this was the first time they came back with their quilting show n tell.  I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!   Almost all had attempted some form of the free motion designs we chatted about last month. And wow - the quality of the work was AMAZING!!!!!    I see some fabulous machine quilters in the wings!  

And we are ALL our own worse critic!   Yes - we all make mistakes, yes our stitch consistency is NOT consistent, yes our lines are not straight. BUT the key to success in all this is to learn to be a magician. Disguise or hide the stitches so no one can see them. You know they are there - but remember - we must learn to NOT criticize ourselves and go with it!!!!!   I cannot emphasize that enough. Instead of saying - "oh there are lots of mistakes" - we need to say "thank you - I had fun with that".

Let's just say that I was impressed by their enthusiasm and CAN DO attitude!!!!   I did not take pictures of their samples, but I took pictures of some other work - have a look.

Cathy made this reversible placemat for her grand daughter - side one has one of her favourite foods - PASTA

Side two has her other favourite food - ICE CREAM. 
Imagine the status that Cathy has achieved in the eyes of her grand daughter. Her TWO favourite foods on one placemat.  That is so precious!!!!!!!

Cathy also took the leftovers from another project (Rosewood Cottage) and put them on tea towels that she is going to use for gifts for her aunts! 

Yes - I think you want to be on Cathy's gift list!!!

Tish made this gorgeous bag with those lovely leather handles which she had to hand stitch down!!!!   That is the ONLY way, but she did an awesome job. This is the BERNADETTE bag because in the bottom of that bag is part of an election sign from a candidate named Bernadette!!!!

Tish also made this stitch out of stitches on her sewing machine.  This is just a FRACTION of the stitches on her machine. She never even played with the width and length either!!!!!!!!!!!   A VERY USEFUL exercise!!!!

Celia brought in her Rosewood Cottage (this was last year's project at Ruti's).  Absolutely stunning

Hard to see in the picture but she made TWO sided binding!!!!!!!!

Marian is working on this quilt for her son. I think she said she has to have it done by the end of this month. Hmmm - she better get working!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane has only a small machine and no extension table available. So she played with what she has and did some fabulous stitching!!!!  Look she also made a set of coasters!

Zildi has started her quilting inspiration book.  She did not want me to share the inside with you but I wanted to recognize that she has started this book and it is fabulous inside. But for OUR EYES only. 

Lois (who has been hand quilting for 40 years) made this very modern quilt.  It is absolutely stunning. I believe she said she is going to hand quilt it!!!

Marilyn has a brand new sewing machine and is learning to sew. She has prepared some simple table runners with scraps and will be doing more practice. 

Shoot - I have forgotten this lady's name!   Anyway - she has this gorgeous Double Irish Chain quilt that she has to get quilted for Christmas. She went home with a couple of ideas!

And she also made this fabulous owl quilt. It is made with SIX owl panels.  Too bad they would not make more panels in this size and orientation!!!  I just love it.  And in case you LOVE that border fabric - too late - I bought all that was left.

Now that I look back at the list - there were a LOT of people missing yesterday.   But what an inspiring class. There was so much enthusiasm, no much energy and excitement in the room and I was so happy (no I was THRILLED TO BITS) at how many just bit the bullet and did those practice samples and actually stitched on their runners.  They were SPECTACULAR.

On that note - I have a crazy day today!

Have a great day!


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