Thursday, November 6, 2014


I was sitting at the kitchen table last night enjoying a leisurely dinner by myself. M bursts through the front door - "where's the video camera? I read your blog! Where is it?"   I guess if I want to keep something quiet - I don't announce it on my blog!!

The package was downstairs and so she ran down to get it. I asked her to bring my digital camera as well. This is what happened................

I hear her snapping pictures on the way up the stairs - NO - the battery is almost dead!

Last picture before the battery died.  They just think M is a big goof!!!! 
 BUT - I am always prepared - I have a second battery and it is always charged. As soon as one battery goes dead - I immediately recharge it. So I sent her back downstairs to get the spare battery.

And this is what happened next..........

Notice - she still has her coat and scarf on!!!!!

Notice the camera is ALSO a projector!!!!   Up to 100" screen it will project on.  Is that wild or what!!!!

The new digital camcorder

Who can be bothered to read the manual - let's just charge this thing up!  (I had to read the manual because she couldn't figure it out. There is one little secret wire hidden on the camera - she missed that!!!)

There was just enough power to set all the data in the camera and she took a five minute video of the dogs and the two of us making a whole of noise!!!!   Then the camera died so we haven't had a chance to watch it yet.  Have to try out that projector feature!!!!   I hope to use the camera to take some video of various sewing techniques. It is very hard to show them with still pictures.

While we were only a few for embroidery, we more than made up with lots of  noise!!!   The inspiration that flowed out of that session was unbelievable.  I have so many new ideas - ACK!!!!!!!!!!   Anyway - it was awesome and I love Wednesday mornings.  I did manage to get one more block done. That makes three of the four curvy snowflakes - DONE. One more to go, but I have to retrace the pattern first.

I used a permanent pen and it was a bit leaky when I first opened it up!!!!   Oh well - not such a big deal to retrace that. 
Once they left - it was time to get back to work.  I got the QUILTSocial blog up - check it out. Part Two of inserting that zipper and eliminating FLOPPY corners on a cushion cover.  One more day to go and I got a lot of the work done last night.  Then I am moving onto the next week right away for my sanity.

However I also need to get those four bobbins through the sewing machine by this afternoon.  I have worked my way through THREE of the four. I got this message last night - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So one more bobbin and I have already used a fair amount of it.  I got THREE of those quilts sewn together. And working on the fourth.
The two bottom rows are together

See - the other two quilts are gone!!!!

I think there was one spot where I saw two of the same fabrics together.  Really????    Not sure if that was during the sewing process or the layout process.  However - I thought about the recipients of these quilts and they wouldn't care so I didn't either!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I have a couple more quilts (blocks are together) that I can throw on the wall later today to get rid of that bobbin.  I love sewing right beside the design wall.  I used to have my sewing machine in that corner.

I see I have a bunch of e-mails to take care of this morning and a lot more sewing today and I have to hit the long arm as well.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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  1. I am going to be doing a design wall in my new sewing room. I have three large insulation boards. I see you have some sagging in the fabric on yours. Any suggestions regarding fabric to use or not use?