Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Change is GOOD!!!

A couple of days ago I posted a picture of a quilt that Maria was working on at the Monday Mania sewing day. Someone wanted to know the source of the pattern.  Well - here is WAY more information about that quilt than you could possibly want. But there are so MANY variations for making it - I thought I would share some of that with you.  And in future whenever I post anything that Maria makes - I might as well post the pattern source!!!   I had two requests for pattern sources in the past week for her projects.

And a quick aside to say GOOD MORNING ANN!!!!!!!!!!!   You know who you are and I love to hear all the GREAT stories about you.

OK - so here is a picture of Maria's quilt.

Maria's quilt

Here is a close up of the quilt which I did not post before.

Close up of Maria's quilt

OK - so you want to know where she got the pattern???

The pattern was in a Fon's and Porter LOVE OF QUILTING - September/October 2012 issue.

Here is the picture from inside the magazine

But wait a minute - I made one of these quilts a LONG time ago. Here is what mine looks like...........

Totally scrappy

QUILT???  Did someone put down a quilt? I can TEST that - I really can!! I am good at it!

Anyway, my pattern came from American Patchwork and Quilting, June 1996.

This is the photocopy of the article

Close up of the quilt. Oh yes - I did NOT do the same setting as the pattern

Do you see the difference between Maria's and mine???   Hers has sashing and mine does not. Both of ours use the SAME fabric in each block. Maria's sashing also include a corner stone in the SAME colour as the small squares.

However I taught this as a class years ago and I ended up with a lot of leftovers. And a student gave me some of her leftovers. I had enough left to make another quilt  that will be 70" square.

Bits and pieces to make another quilt

OK - the block is called TRIPLE FOUR PATCH. Look at the picture below to see how they came up with that name.

Each block is 6 1/2" UNFINISHED.  In this example - I am making mine TOTALLY scrappy so NONE of the fabrics within each block is different. 

Each block requires EIGHT - 1 1/4" light squares and EIGHT 1 1/4" dark squares.  You can strip piece those. Then you make FOUR teeny four patches - that is the little ones on the diagonal. Unfinished size of those teeny four patches is 2". Then you need FOUR 2" squares. Use those and the FOUR little patches to make a bigger four patch that should measure 3 1/2". Then TWO 3 1/2" squares are needed with the previously made four patches to get the final four patch. So you make four patches THREE times - hence the name - triple four patch!!!!!

You can add sashing, play with the setting, make them coordinated or scrappy - whatever you want.  Get out and play!!!!!!!!!   And if you do make one - send me a picture.

If you like to play - I am teaching a class at the Brampton guild at the end of this month. November 29.  I hear there is room (I am waiting permission to post this but what the heck). We will be playing with disappearing four patches, nine patches and several other options and we are going to PLAY.  There are so many variations. You will walk away from the class with about 10 or 12 different EASY EASY patterns.  If you are interested, let me know and I'll see what I can do to get you in the class.  Doesn't take much to prepare for the class - basically you need 5 inch squares. The more you bring - the more options you get to play with.  We are NOT making a quilt in the class.

This is ONE of the variations that we will be investigating on November 29

And for those of you who want something totally wild - this is what my Fourth of July looks like.

Pattern: Fourth of July by Judy Niemeyer 

This class will be at the Hobby Horse on Saturday, January 31 from 10 - 4.  It is paper pieced and so much fun.  I just love making her quilts. NO - there is NOT a kit.  OK - I think I need to take you all on a shopping trip so you can see how to buy for a quilt.  Any takers?????   And seriously - if someone wants to take this class and wants brights - maybe we can pair up and share so you get a bigger variety of brights.  Easy!!!!

Yesterday we were sitting around the tables at Monday Mania.  We have a somewhat standard way that we set up the tables. However a slight change to that left Barb and Karen by themselves in the corner.  Karen "pouted" and said she felt left out. A lively conversation ensued and minutes later - the room looked like this.............

The tables were moved into a circle and everyone could see everyone!!!!!!!!

It was such a brilliant idea - I wonder why we never thought of it before???????   Brain dead and you get in a rut and can't change.  Thanks Karen for kicking us in the butt and making this change. I LOVE IT!!!!   Not sure that we can use this configuration when we have everyone there, but we are going to experiment a bit more next week. It was a tad difficult when everyone had their machines set up!!!

Not sure what is happening in the backyard, but just moving that baffle seems to be making some difference. I know the squirrels are still getting up the pole since the suet cage is knocked down. But they are NOT emptying the feeders like before.  I need to get a couple more things organized and then we will see if they can even get up there???

Hard to see - but in the bottom right - the birds are hanging out in the maple tree.  They love to flock in the trees - flit to the feeder, grab a seed, then back to the tree to eat it!!!!

OH - I guess you want to see my progress on the Amish with a Twist Series II.  Well - have a look - I am making great progress. And so far - I am loving the quilt. Can't wait to get the pieces in the right spot so you can really see the lights, mediums and darks. Although there are NOT a lot of mediums here yet.

Amish with a Twist Series II

And for those of you who are counting - that is 33 blocks DONE. I made AWESOME progress on a lot more yesterday, but not showing you until I am done!!!!!  Oh yes - this is an easy quilt - I will be teaching it over the course of 2015 at Sew Sisters. The amount of homework required each month is going to be EASY!!!   Easy cutting, easy sewing - I think whoever signs up for this one SHOULD take another one just so they can keep busy!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have a few things to finish prepping for my class today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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