Saturday, November 1, 2014

Under the cover of darkness......................

I went back to Best Buy to get my camcorder.  I swear - there are a lot of people working in that store, but no one wants to help!!!!  But I did snag someone at last who wasn't all that knowledgeable about the cameras, didn't have his keys to get the camera out of the locked cabinet and well - a bit of body odor that I didn't really like.  Oh well - I had to get something else - time to upgrade the O/S on my laptop. That is going to be very scary since the only upgrade you can get these days is Windows 8.1 and I have been resisting using it on the other computer.   ACK!!!!!!   But I have a software package that needs Windows 7 or 8 and so I have no choice. Wish me luck when that is about to happen.  I'll warn you in the event I am locked out of my computer!!!!!!

Anyway - by this time, the salesperson had located his keys and realized that they do NOT have the camcorder in stock and so I have to buy it on-line. Which he did for me while I was in the store.  Good grief - I could have saved myself a LOT of time and just bought the darn thing on-line myself. At least I got free shipping. Lesson learned - want something big like that - just buy it on-line!!!!!    A rep from Sony happened to be in the store at the time and so I asked her a couple of questions - now she was from head office, but she confirmed that NONE of their camcorders have remotes. Seriously????  I would have thought they would all have remotes. Oh well................

When all this election business started - of course - all the candidates put up signs.  We would laugh and say that we were going to "steal" some of the election signs when the election was over. And why???   Well many of them were printed on corrugated plastic which is very strong and makes excellent bottoms to fabric tote bags. Well the election was over this past Monday. I watched the signs slowly disappear from the neighbourhood. However, it is now FIVE days after the election. According to this article in the Brampton Guardian - the signs are to be removed within 72 hours AFTER the election. That is THREE days - so I figure those signs are fair game.

And so - very early this morning - I grabbed my tools and I was off...............

My "burglar" tools

A number of the signs were attached to pickets which are deeply embedded into people's lawns.  I wrenched them out and put them in the back of the car.  I think I snagged about 10 big ones (including two that I picked up during the week - they were lying flat at the edge of a public parking space) and about 8 little ones.  They are all safely in my garage where I will cut them up into the size of pieces that I want.

However when I arrived back home with frozen hands - my gloves were soaked - it is WET outside, I was covered in mud!!!!!!!!!!!  (from the pickets)

Mud everywhere!!!!
And in case you have no idea what I am talking about - have a look at this............

This is the Chubby Charmer tote bag - I will be teaching this bag a couple of times over the next couple of months.

Anyway - like all fabric bags - they have BAG SAG when you put stuff in the bag and I think it looks hideous and VERY HAND MADE

However if you take a piece of corrugated plastic - cover it with fabric to match the lining

Good bye BAG SAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you can buy corrugated plastic. It isn't cheap and I thought those elections signs would do the trick. Not only are they free (once the candidates have abandoned them after 72 hours), I am helping to clean up the neighbourhood. A win-win for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So if you are planning to take my class - I am sure we can work something out regarding the bag bottoms. With what I picked up this morning - I think I have enough plastic for MANY Chubby Charmers!!!!!

Had two videos that I had to get back to the library yesterday or they were overdue.  I watched one of them last night - a very lame, silly movie that I fell asleep during, but woke up for the ending.  Hmmm - I guess I am going to need people to give me recommendations on movies to watch.  This one will NOT be on my recommendation list. And I need to find out how one can BROWSE the complete list of movie titles on the library catalog.  Hmmm - a question for my librarian friend.

The other video is Quilting Arts - Season Two and I learned a couple of things last night that were AWESOME and related to Electric Quilt software that will be VERY USEFUL. Oh yes - the things you can learn - this learning NEVER stops!!!!!!!!!!!!

However for the time that I was awake - I did manage to get one more knitted block done!!!!!!!

Number 29!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - there are 29 done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more to knit!!!!!

Started the LAST block. I am pretty certain that there is NOT enough wool left.  

Anybody have any of this left????   Where is Tish??? 

It was a VERY QUIET Halloween last night.  We barely had anybody come to the house but the weather was awful. Windy, wet and cold.   I bought candy yesterday while I was at Target.  I wasn't really in the spirit and I noticed that my neighbours who normally decorate their houses - well NO ONE did much last night. We didn't decorate and I wasn't really in the mood. But look - little Sammy was dressed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little Sammy in her Halloween costume - a picture of CUTENESS

I LOVE Target. It is very close to my house. It is BRIGHT, it is CLEAN, it is NOT CLUTTERED, they have SELF-CHECKOUT and HELPFUL STAFF.   And I love the escalators. See - you put your cart on the cart escalator and then you get on the regular one.  I went up and down - so much FUN!!!!!!  (I know - it does not take much to amuse me!!!)
The cart escalator at Target!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike Best Buy - I was wandering around with my full cart looking for the kitchen department.  A staff member asked me if I needed help.  YES - I need a butter dish. And she led me right to the only one they had.  I don't really care what it looks like - I just needed a butter dish.   I am sold - I will go back often for my household stuff.

October 31 used to be a crazy day in my life. When I worked as a sales rep - it was year end and there was always a party that night as everyone went out to either celebrate making their numbers or drown their sorrow because they did not!  It also happens to be DH birthday. We never really celebrate his birthday on that day since we are home handing out candy. My HYPER 18 year old was the one handing out candy last night and managed to give out TWO big bags of stuff to the few that came. Oh well - less for us to eat so that is good.  Anyway - we had cupcakes to celebrate DH's birthday.

YUM - cupcakes!!!!!!!!

Birthday cupcakes

Isn't this owl cute - I thought it was a monster until I was CORRECTED by M - that it is (ooops - was) an owl. 

I got a lot done yesterday - but nothing that I can share with you.  Have a look at QUILTSocial on Monday and you will see what I did yesterday.   My only problem is I have to find a way to use up FOUR bobbins in a hurry!!!!!    Funny - they always seem to run out when you don't want them to and now I need them to run out and they are taking forever!!!!!!!!!!!!   I see lots of sewing in my future!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have two classes today and I need to do a bit of prep for them both.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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