Wednesday, November 5, 2014


If you are following QUILTSocial this week, you know that I have this thing for lint in the sewing machine. Well I am merrily sewing yesterday and ICK! a HUGE gob of lint got on my project. Check out the QUILTsocial blog and you will see what I mean.   Plus there is a great tutorial on sewing a cushion top - check it out.

Related to that lint story - I am trying to run FOUR bobbins through the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 960Q.  I have two used up  and there is a LOT of lint. I am trying to find things that are fast to sew together to use up the remaining two bobbins.

AH - I have gift bags that need to have the casing sewn in. Those are quick and easy and take lots of thread.

Took the table off the sewing machine and so easy to sew around those gift bags. I got half of them done this morning

Better get to work on these quilts on the wall. Every time I fly past to get to the sewing machine - blocks are flying off the wall.  Had to whack in some pins. 

I accomplished a LOT yesterday. Got my handout for the guild DONE!!!  The lady at the UPS store was very chatty and trying to save me some money so I am going to look into that. See how much I save. I am always up for a bargain.

Then of course the QUILTSocial blog. I am behind the eight ball this week and so just getting the blog done the day before which is NOT good. I am bad with deadlines.  I have to figure out a better system for taking pictures as I must have taken hundreds of photos and ended up with 40 good ones.  I know - I drive Carla crazy with the number of pictures I take! But I like pictures.  But there is no need to have so many bad pictures. It is all about positioning. Got to find a better way.

Also got my video camera.  Something else to learn - yeah!!!!!!!!!!1

On that note - I hear the first guest for embroidery arrived so time to go.

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!


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