Monday, November 24, 2014

Sit n Sew

Wow - another awesome Sit n Sew day.  Now that the studio is cleaned up there was PLENTY of room for six people to sew. And I have another class coming up in less than two weeks and there will be even MORE people.  Got to keep the studio tidy and make a bit more room!

Now that the studio is a bit cleaner - it is my goal to take a little piece everyday of what mess is left (and I'll show you tomorrow) and get that cleaned up and organized. Then I need to VOW to never let the mess get out of control!  Wish me luck on that one.

Let's have a look at what the group was working on. The scene was quite different from Friday. If you remember - I barely did any pressing for the group and I managed to get a couple of quilts trimmed. NOT so yesterday.  Although before they arrived I managed to get the binding sewn on a HUGE quilt for a customer so that is done!!!!

Karen made some rug mugs for the staff at her office. The "WORLD" on one side and "CANADA" on the other!

Every time someone gives me this kind of thing to press and Pat had her little fabric book on Friday - I ask them "how are you going to close that opening?"   Hand stitch is the answer. Then I show them how I use a narrow piece of Steam a Seam to close that opening - and DONE!!!!!   So easy especially if you have the 1/4" Steam a Seam tape.

Karen was also working on these blocks and YES - there was a LOT of pressing to be done!!!!

Sharon was assembling a red work quilt with a Christmas theme. 

This quilt is absolutely gorgeous - I LOVE it and she has done a fabulous job on the stitching.  And so you know - that is the SAME quilt that I am working on at embroidery club. Only THREE more blocks for me to stitch and then I too will be assembling mine!!!!   Sharon got most of the pieced border done and it will not take her long to get that done!!!!!!!!!!!

Katheleen is THE best friend of Sparky and Sammy.  She brings them treats and the girls just hover close to her the entire time patiently waiting for those treats!!!!   Well maybe not so patiently!!!!
Katheleen is working on a bargello quilt for Petunia (her little dog).   Lucky dog!!!!

I hear there was some conspiracy a LONG time ago at Sit n Sew.  It appears that Katheleen was inspired by a conversation with someone (whose shall remain nameless - right Ronda???). The projects worked upon at my house are to be carefully chosen - go for those that requite MAXIMUM pressing.  And Katheleen has learned well!!!!!   I did press a LOT of seams for her yesterday.   HEY - that is the intention of the day so I don't mind, but I thought it was funny that "behind my back", they were conspiring!!!!

Diane made a LOT of half square triangles. 

Sharron (there were two of them) was working on this bag.  She used a decorator fabric and to get variety - she used the reverse side of the fabric for the lighter squares.  What a brilliant idea and in this case - it looks absolutely stunning!!!!!

Helen Ann was working on a LOT of little four patches.  Oh yes - I pressed those for her and she also worked on some gorgeous snow flake blocks!

We had a SUPER SUPER time.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support my cause.  More information on that a bit later on.

Once they were gone - back to the long arm. And another customer quilt is DONE!!!   Not nearly as big as some of the recent ones - but 67 by 80 so still a decent size.
Customer quilt - DONE

I thought I would share with you the thread colours that I used for the quilt.  So many people agonize over matching the threads and quite frankly - you don't need to. Of course - that depends on the type of quilting that you are doing.

Here you can see that the green is quite a different shade of green, but you cannot see that in the quilt

And even though the top is more gold - this beige just blended right in!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - it is Monday and one of my favourite days of the week.  Sewing all day!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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