Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fired up!

Had such an amazing day yesterday at sewing. Yes there were lots of laughs, yes the company was good, but more importantly - I feel like I accomplished a LOT.  That got me fired up so when I arrived home (after having to go back to the church because I left my phone in the bathroom - only three minutes away before I realized!!)

Before I show you what happened - read this story - it is pretty funny. The link takes you to the Mississouri Quilt Company.

Funny Quilt Story

Let's start by looking at the show n tell we had. I have to say that the Monday ladies are prolific.  I often wonder - will any of us ever run out of projects to sew?   I doubt it!!!!!!!!!!

Claudette has a REPUTATION as a bag lady!   She makes the most amazing bags and this one above is exceptional. Hand applique and a bit of bling (can't really see it in the picture) 
And look at these gorgeous handles she has for the bag. She hand stitched the zipper in and will be hand stitching the handles on.   Oh yes - she is a PRO!!!! 

Another one of Claudette's bags. Lots of pockets in this one!

Jan arrived early and proceeded to lay out this MASSIVE quilt. It is gorgeous.  It is made form batik and the colour combination is stunning!!!!   The picture does NOT do justice to the actual quilt!!!!

Tish's Rosewood Cottage - ready for the binding!

Tish is ALMOST finished her Bonnie Hunter - Celtic Solstice from 2013.  She needs to make a couple more of those arrowhead units in that last border and then I think she was going to add one last border of blue.  Hey Tish - just in time to tackle the 2014 Bonnie Hunter mystery????  

Someone came in and remarked on the cars in the parking lot.  Hmmmm - it seems that we arranged that anyone who came yesterday  had to have a red or grey car.  It was pretty funny

Look what Tish brought me yesterday.  She didn't find her scraps, but she did find an extra block that she didn't want.  

And the colour is going to be just fine for me to finish my block which I haven't got finished!!!!!!

And look what I got done...............   MORE of those mini log cabin blocks.  Got 13 of them done in total and not sure how many more to make.  Do I make this square? make it rectangular?  If you were to win it - what size would you want?

I could only make 6 blocks yesterday because I ran out of fabric. Do you think I have enough to continue on????  

I managed to get some paper piecing done for the double wedding ring bed runner that I am working on
 I also worked on the Amish with a Twist Series II as well. No pictures yet.

When I got home - I got the rest of this top sewn together

And started on the next one

And look at these quilts that just need borders!!!!
Hmmmm - I am thinking the reason that I feel like I accomplished stuff yesterday is that I worked on MULTIPLE projects so made lots of progress with several projects, rather than just progress on one!!!   Yep - work on lots at the same time - that is my style.

Ack - as much as I am getting stuff done - there is just so much more to do.  But this is me!!!!!    I can't change because if it wasn't the quilting - it would be something else. I wonder how I will slow down - will it happen gradually or will I wake up one morning and say - that's it! I'm done!   Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Then I messed around with the Sapphire 960Q for the blog and got another post ready.  Check it out this morning.   I have a bit more work to do today to get the posts ready for the rest of the week.  And I finished bobbin number two.  Only two more to go by tomorrow evening - I think I will make it.

And have I ever said how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my EQ7. That is Electric Quilt - it is software that allows you to design quilts.  You can go crazy and do all kinds of fancy things, but I use it for the basics and I would be totally lost without it.  Mary and I are doing the Block of the Month at the Mississauga Quilt Guild.  Each month we chose a shape and design quilts using that shape.  Last night I was working on the shape for this month and I really really really tried to contain myself to 4 pages, but 6 pages of designs later!  Thank goodness, I found a very inexpensive source for photocopies.  UPS stores have a sale on Tuesday - 4 cents a copy.  Our meeting is this week, so must get to the UPS store TODAY.    Just have to proof the document and I will be all set for the meeting.  I tell you - it is worth it to join the guild - just to get that handout.  It costs $6 for the program and NO - I am not handing it out to any other guild or to individuals. It is just for the guild members. If you join the guild now - you will get all the handouts. We meet on the first Thursday of the month.

On that note - I am fired up - got lots of ideas swirling in my head - loads of things to do and well - I better get started before my head explodes!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!


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