Monday, November 3, 2014

Short and sweet!

It's MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And time to get ready to leave for Monday Mania!   One of my favourite days of the week!  Of course my basket is loaded - there are a few things that I am SUPPOSED to be working on as well as a few things I WANT to work on and a few things JUST BECAUSE!!!

This morning before the gym, I was sewing one of those tops together that I laid out yesterday. And OH NO - two fabrics are together.

This was in the second last row, but I had enough flexibility that I could switch the blocks

Hmmmmm - this is the picture from the original layout. It must have been Sammy or Sparky who switched the blocks!!!!!

And it is my week to blog on QUILTSocial so check it out.  There is USEFUL information for everyone. Not only useful, but IMPORTANT to keeping your sewing machine in good shape.  Speaking of which - I am getting close to finishing the second bobbin!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!


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