Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vintage Moments Show n tell....

There is so much going on the last couple of days - definitely no shortage of things to blog about!  I will try to get all the show n tell up this week and there is a LOT.  So be patient - yes even those waiting for Dear Jane!

Let's go back to last Saturday. That was the final class for Vintage Moments. This was a year long project that I taught at The Hobby Horse.

Vintage Moments quilt by Marsha McCloskey

There were a LOT of people signed up for this class.  Not so many got finished.  Hmmmm - well - everyone has their reasons for not completing the top - let's hope that we will see those finished quilts at some point.

But let's focus on the quilts that did get done. They are SPECTACULAR!!!!!

Mary who made hers from green batiks.  Love that colour ways!!!

Lynn did hers in blues. Just stunning!!!

Karen used a very soft palette which is gorgeous. She still has the last two borders to put on. Let's just say that this quilt has a lot of memories for Karen and it was a long tough year. Karen - I am VERY PROUD of you for getting this much completed.  You should give yourself a big pat on the back!!!!  Job well done!!!! 

Erica used very scrappy florals. It is fabulous and she added an extra border after the half square triangle border. 

And then we had these quilts - I swear they must have conferred with each other!!!!

Loretta still has the last two borders to put on, but considering that she broke her wrist in the summer and last month we saw a LOT of bits - she has done remarkably well. The red/white and black is stunning!!!!

Linda is also doing red/white and black.    It will be fabulous once she gets it finished

Jan - the THIRD one in the red/white and black combo!  That was very weird. Anyway - this is gorgeous despite ALL the whining!!!   Just teasing you Jan!!!!   It was so worth it to take those borders off!!!!!   The colours are awesome!!!!

And then we got back into the softer colours again...............

Susan with a blue/yellow/green theme which is very beautiful!

Janet used up scrappy BRIGHT batiks for hers.  Note that she nixed that last half square triangle border!!!   Looks AWESEOME

Anne has this soft version as well.  I have to say that we were all deeply disappointed that Anne did not have her quilted!!!!   She always has them quilted by the end!  However life got in the way.  No worries Anne - it will be stunning when you get it done. And you know - we are only kidding!  I NEVER expect anyone to have their quilt quilted by the end!!!!!

Anne also brought in this quilt, made by her mother and it is gorgeous. Anne and her husband received it as a gift from her mom.  Hey MOM - I want a quilt like this!!!!

Anne's gift!

There you have it - another round of drop dead gorgeous show n tell. I have to say that there was a bit of complaining and whining throughout this quilt. Comments like "this is not a beginner quilt", "look at all those curved seams", "my border is rippled" - oh the comments went on and on!  BUT - while it may not be a beginner quilt - it is a LEARNING quilt and I think that everyone in the class learned a LOT.  Every time they make a quilt like this - the next one gets even easier and before you know - EVERYONE will be saying - oh - no big deal. That quilt is EASY!!!!!

On that note - it is sewing day today and I have tons to pack in the car.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS - medical update. Sparky seems to be doing just fine. The whimpering seems to have stopped. Somehow I think she has a bruised jaw?  Face area seemed to be the issue. She still has limited access to the stairs, but she is definitely better.

My Mom - she is still in the hospital. That makes ONE WEEK yesterday. She went by ambulance to a bigger hospital for some tests this past week and hopefully she will get the results today.  

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