Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The BIRDS are back in town!!!!

I just love sewing days!!!!!!!!!!   We have so many laughs, so much fun and I get to learn loads from the others.  And yesterday we had TREATS - thanks Maria for the candy!

Have a look at some of the show n tell...............

Celtic Solstice - DONE!!!    Tish finished the last border and it looks AWESOME!!!!!   

Claudette was running around with her CROCS and I just had to take a picture of them.  I know - you are asking why???   Well have a look at the size of them!!!!!

They are for a doll!!!!!   I love them!!!!

Maria was making beanie caps - OK - technically they are welding caps for her daughter's boyfriend.  She was making several - this one has guitars, another had beer bottles. I bet when he takes these back to work that Maria is going to busy with orders!!!!

It didn't take long for the word to get out that the bird feeders were filled. I got home and snapped some pictures.

Woodpecker trying to get something from the birdfeeder

AHA - he likes the suet better!!!

The ground feeders!!!!


I also noticed that the squirrels were back at it this morning.  Hmmm - and they were NOT at the group of feeders but at that solitary one.   They jump up and grab the feeders so got to fix something on the bottom of the feeder so they can't jump up.

Here is little toothless Sammy!!!!!   Poor thing has hardly any teeth and those that she has are so rotten!!!!   Yes - we have to feed her canned food now. Spoiled dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what have I been working on???  

I made EIGHT of these little blocks yesterday and TWO almost done, but ran out of fabric.  I think I am going to have to cap the blocks at 25.   Oh well - will have to make some more - they are fun and don't take a lot of time and imagine how long it will take to quilt it!!!!

Got the last of those four Hopscotch quilts together. Now all four of them need TWO borders each.  

See the wall is pretty clean except for a new project that I am working on. 

And here is another hopscotch quilt - the blocks are made. I know - this is "so not me" fabric. I made a shirt out of it that I have NEVER worn. I think it still needs buttons and button holes.  I doubt I will ever wear it.  Hmmm - got to find a home for it I suppose.  Anyway - I am going to need the scraps from this soon (for another project - not mine) and I need to get working on it. 

I got three of the borders on this quilt - one more to go and then try to get it quilted today???   I have a small one (the pink one like this) on the machine and will get it done today. Just see how much time I have later today. 

On that note - I have loads to do today and better get started!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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