Sunday, November 2, 2014

One down - three to go!!!!!!!!!!

I am certain I saw snow yesterday!!!   OK - yes there was snow on the ground in Georgetown, but just a bit. But today is first morning where the temperature has dipped below zero!!

Did you do something creative your extra hour?  I completely forgot last night about the time change.  I am awake and staring at the clock - 5:00 AM.  I decide I will get up as I have a lot to do. Once I am up - I glance at my phone - crap - it is 4:00 AM!!!!!!! Oh well - I am up now - might as well do something useful!

I hit the sewing machine and continued the sewing marathon that I was on last night.  You see - I need a picture for the QUILTSocial blog. I need to see a VERY LINTY bobbin case and in order to do that - I want to run FOUR bobbins through the machine - oh yes - that is a LOT of sewing.

Have a look................   This is the quilt that we are making in the beginner quilt making class at Sew Sisters. I wanted TWO tops so they could be quilted differently to give the students an idea of how quilting can change the look of a quilt. I grabbed TWO fabrics from my stash (from one of the Breast Cancer lines). I cut it up, added some solid white and this is what I got.

Lap quilt - top is DONE

Found some pink with hearts on it for the backing - made the binding and it is ready to be quilted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is all I had left over - yeah!!!!    Went into the scrap box and two more fabrics OUT of the stash baskets!!!!!

I got the top assembled and the border on this one - same style quilt as the pink one, but I wanted to add borders to it.  There is one more border to be added, but I ran out of time. 

Then I decided it was time to tackle this laundry basket.  It is filled with fleece for the backings for four quilts.  The blocks were made and there is still fabric in the basket for the borders. 

Divided up the blocks and laid out three of the quilts on the design wall. 

Fourth one on the floor

Sparky was pushing it - she wanted to go out (she doesn't understand time changes) and so this is her way of protesting. She is very smart - " I know I will get into trouble if I stretch out right on the quilt, but she can't yell at me for just touching the edge!!!!!"  

Sammy is hanging her head in shame. yes - she got into the garbage again and M yelled at her. So she run down to me. Bad doggy!!!!!!

LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!   I managed to empty one bobbin last night and hope to get one more done today.  You can sew a LOT with one bobbin!!!!!!! But look what progress I will have made when all four are used up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute little scissors that the Hobby Horse will have for sale sometime in the near future. 

On that note - I have a date with the sewing machine.  Got some prep to finish for class this afternoon.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


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