Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 39 - Pancake Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

More rain in the night. Will it ever end?????   At least it wasn't raining when we took down our tents.

It was a short day today - a mere 90K. What a great feeling knowing that you only had to go that distance and not 160K or some other crazy number!

There was rain or mist or maybe we were riding in the low lying clouds, but it was wet.

The shoulder was bad - these blogs are starting to sound like a broken record - wet, bad shoulder.

We did manage to make good time so that was a bonus. Even stopped for toast for breakfast at one point. Now although we do have good food and lots of it - we do NOT have a toaster on the trip. And while we do have access to electrical outlets on the truck - there isn't really the place for a toaster. Not that I have a lot of toast at home, but I miss the toast!!!!!  So I try to stop for tea and toast if I get a chance.

Locals were warning us about the MILE HIGH HILL. Very steep and long. And you can see it coming for a couple of K. I HATE when people do that. Then you have this image in your mind and you get antsy as you approach the hill. Well - they were right - we could see the hill from far away, but honestly - it wasn't such a big deal. It was about 8% which at this point in the trip is nothing (oh how we brag!!!!) and although it was about 1 MILE long, it really didn't present too much of a challenge.

We learned that downtown Sault Saint Marie is closed on Sunday. Nothing was open, but the usual stuff along the strip on the way into town.

It was a cold day, but only required three layers so that was nice to get rid of one of the layers. I am getting tired of dressing up to ride.

We had our sandwich in the park just shortly before getting into camp. Tomorrow is a rest day and there isn't too much that is close to camp. Oh well - I am sure we will survive.

Got into camp early which is always an awesome thing. got the tents dried out and got the rest of Bob and Irene's stuff dried out.

The US is right next door - well across the river. How about that - I never knew there was a Sault Saint Marie US. And of course - what do we hear - shooting!!!!!   I think it was only skeet shooting so not that huge of a deal, but annoying as it went on for quite a while.

And there is this swing thing in the playground. Between the wind and the kids playing on it - the darn thing clanked ALL the rest of the afternoon and the evening. I was getting about tired and ready to borrow the skeet gun to scare the kids away!!!!!!  

Got a lot of reading done, but it was cold in camp and ended up with my down jacket and camp booties on.

It was nice to be back in civilization. Got access to WiFi, cell service and relatively close to a town. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Just a few small things to get us excited!!!!!!  Funny how easy we come to miss those things which we didn't have a few short years ago.

It is Gerald's birthday today. He almost missed his cake. He was doing laundry and apparently got a flat tire on his bike on the way back. The rest of us were ready to eat the cake before he got back, however Adam managed to hold us back!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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