Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 50 - Ivey Lea to Ottawa

Rain in the night, but no big deal and the best part - it was pretty dry when we got up. I like the rain in this part of Ontario. It is very civilized.
Up at the usual time and then knowing that I had until 7 to be ready, I am puttering around. Next thing I know, Neil is waiting for ME!!!!!!   Oh boy - that hasn't happened before. But since I was almost ready, it was no big deal to quickly finish getting ready.
There is a nice newly paved bike along side The Thousand Islands Parkway and we took the path for part of the way. It was a pleasure to ride on, but soon enough we were back on regular roads. While most of the roads were in fairly decent condition some of them were a nightmare!!!!!   OK - so I am exaggerating, but not by much. I could hear something banging around behind me and when I looked, my bungy cords were all screwed up from all the bumps. The cords had just moved around, but that is NOT normal. Yes - I have been carrying my bag of BIG rain gear the last two days and so far it seems to have worked. I did NOT need to use any of it at all.
Well there was NO little bakery along the route this morning!!!!!!  We had to wait until we were half done the day before we found anything, but no worries - I made up for it with a nice big cup of tea (but not as tasty as the tea the day before) and a BIG piece of carrot cake. Yum!!!!!!   I have no idea what I am going to do when I get home. What will I eat around 10 AM??????   Certainly will have lots of stuff available, but should I be eating it?????
We stopped at one point to take a picture of a set of locks on the Rideau Canal. Now here is another area of ignorance in my Ontario geography. Where exactly does the Rideau Canal go????   It must go all the way to the St. Lawrence River, but who ever gave that a thought?   Anyway we stayed beside the canal for quite a ways and that was a nice change of scenery from the morning which was mostly farmland.
We also happened upon a charity BBQ at the Kemptville OPP office. We stopped in and instead of having our peanut butter sandwiches we got hamburgers and hot dogs instead. I was more interested in the cold drinks and in particular the big tub of ice that they were sitting in. I would have dunked my head in there if I would have thought it appropriate, but I did not. But I was so tempted. You see, it was a pretty hot day. Yep - seems that every time it is hot - we have a LONG day. But once you are on the bike, it is not so bad. It is stopping that is the killer.
Not far away we found an ice cream place and Neil was happy. While we were sitting there a number of others rode up for ice cream or lunch or both.
We "snuck" into Ottawa the back way - well it was by the airport, although as we were getting closer, I was wondering if this was really true as we had NOT seen any airplanes coming in to land. Then one did and it was pretty low, so I figured we must be close. We had to take a busy roadway into Ottawa and although we had a decent shoulder, there was a LOT of traffic, but we managed just fine and then into the University - we are at Carlton. I had remarked to Neil earlier in the day that my day would be perfect if the dorms were air conditioned. And you know what - they  are!!!!!!!  Life just doesn't get much better than that. And I am NOT a fan of air conditioning, but most of these dorm rooms have NO cross ventilation and can be like a steam bath.
Got something to eat, something to drink and checked into my room. Had a FABULOUS shower and hustled my butt down to the laundry room where I managed to get my laundry done (exceept that I forgot to wash my cycling gloves - ICK!!!)  Then it was time for dinner. Now dinner this evening was a strange affair. You see, we were meeting Bob and Irene's children, partners and grandchildren. They wanted to meet us to see the people that Bob and Irene had spent their last days with. It was a bit awkward at the beginning, but the kids were all so nice that soon it was OK. I still think about them everyday while I ride and it was sad to tell some of the stories, but the kids confirmed how we pegged them.
I then zoned out in my room with my book which I finished late into the night. I have to say that it was a tad CHILLY in the room last night. To the point, that I had to get my sleeping bag out and use that as a blanket. It appears to be better regulated today!!!!!
I've now had Neil and Mike look at the ticking sound on my bike and no one thinks it is anything too big, but I am going to have it checked out.
So yes - another BIG day is done - 160K. Another segment of the trip is done - there are three remaining.
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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