Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 40 - Rest Day - Sault Ste. Marie

The good news - it is a rest day!!!!!

The bad news - our camp site isn't that close to things like laundry and food. But it wasn't that bad.

I managed to get up at 7:30 AM. I know - I slept in - how did that happen?????

I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the day, so I had some cereal for breakfast and then Becky and I sat on the beer cooler in the truck and "chatted" to people on our phones.

I finally decided that I had enough laundry to do so I had better get my butt in gear and get to the laundromat. I packed up the bike and bungied my laundry bundle to the rack. Laundry was only about 1 K away and it was a nice place with a comfy chair to sit, lots of washers and dryers. I took my book and I read while the laundry got done. The laundromat was connected to a little store was connected so of course had to get some food - a pecan tart and milk. How healthy is that!!!!!

Back to camp with a BIT of rain. Not much, but still not a nice sunny day. I did manage to get hooked up to the internet in camp so got a bit of blogging done. You know this blogging business is hard work!!!!  I will try at some point to get the pictures up, but I am still struggling just to catch up on the posts.

A few of us were sitting at a picnic table (under one of our canopies). However some people were running out of power. WAIT - Danny has a LONG extension cord that he hasn't used yet, so we grabbed that, got a couple of power bars and we were set! It was pretty funny, but we are very handy at problem solving.

Then more rain and some wind. It was just a crazy day weather wise. Just didn't want to settle down to any one thing.

(here is an aside - it is rest day in Toronto and I decided to buy a chocolate milk. Do you think for the life of me that I can drink from the carton??????   I just can't get the hang of it - yet when I am on the road - I can suck that milk back from the carton like no tomorrow!  I must be losing my touch!!!!)

My chain was getting stretched and it was time for it to be changed. Well I didn't want to change it and if I were home I wouldn't change it, so I offered Greig some money to change it for me. And he did!!!!!   If that isn't a girly thing to do - I don't know what is! He also changed my brake pads which were pretty much shot!!!!  So now the bike is all happy and ready to go for the next couple thousands of KM.

It was a lazy afternoon - ate apples, had tea with brown sugar as I was too lazy to find the white sugar. But the big question of the day was "what to have for dinner?????"  We finally decided on pizza and it was my job to take the orders from the group and place the order. Although it didn't take long to get the orders from the group - it took FOREVER for the order to arrive at the camp site. I don't think this little pizza place had ever done an order for 11 BIG pizzas at once!!!!   We have learned that when we do pizza like this - we request that the pizza place put the name of the person who ordered the pizza on the box - then when they arrive - we just hand out the boxes. I collected the money ($250 for pizza!!!) and we were happy campers!!!!!!   It was darn good pizza, although I wonder sometimes whether we are so hungry that anything would taste good?????

The pizza guy came in a little white Scion - who would have thought there was room in the back for all those pizzas?????   The guy handed me the pizzas, then the VISA receipt and when I turned - he was gone. Well - I was just crawling into my tent when he reappeared. He needed me to sign the receipt!!!!   Poor guy - I felt for him, but then it was his own fault he was in such a hurry.

I heard that metal clanging noise from the swing all day!!!!   I thought I was going to have to run and jump in the river to get away from it. I think I eventually blocked the noise from my brain. The weather cleared up in the evening and this helps to get the camaraderie going with the group. People are happy and more positive when the weather is better. Could we be getting psyched because we are on the "other" side of the half way mark?????

Finished another book. I think that makes 6 or at least 5 books. I like to read before I go to sleep and sometimes when I wake up in the night, I need to read to get back to sleep. It is all in being organized in your tent so you can find the book light in the dark or see the time or find the ear plugs should they be needed. I have learned from previous trips how to be that organized and it works like a charm. I love my little system - it is all about putting things in the right bag!!!!!   I am now on my last book so I had better not finish it before I get home! But it is a big one so it will take a while to work my way through it.

While we were finishing dinner, someone found a snake near the picnic table. OH that is so gross!!!!   Let's just say that I thoroughly checked my tent and all it contents before I went to bed that night. I also made sure the zipper was done up nice and tight, although I am sure the snake would have had no problem finding its way in had it wanted to.

I shared a pizza with Myra and Louise. Despite our being starved, there was pizza left over. Got it wrapped up and it will make a nice snack for the next day.

So yes - this was a cold camp with rain and sun, then sun and rain and some wind, BUT no mosquitos. I tell you - we just can't have a perfect day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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