Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 47 - Tottnham to Nestleton

So my kid is SMART. She downloaded the Blogger app so I can type the actual blog entry even though I can't post it until we get internet. Oh that M - why didn't she figure that out BEFORE I was taking notes every day!!!!!!   So now I am in my tent and writing my notes of the day!!

Got off to an early start. Up at five and we left the house around 5:30. I wanted to make sure that we got to the campground by 6:30 AM. Just so I could get everything back in the truck since I had brought everything home. The big danger with that is to NOT leave anything behind and I think I did OK with that. Well time will tell as I try to find stuff since it all got put back a bit differently than when I took it off the shelf.

We finally left around 7:30 AM although we were still the first ones to leave. Not everyone had come back from the day off at this point.

We had an awesome ride. It was a tad cool in the morning, so had a couple of layers on and as the sun got higher in the sky, those layers came off. The weather was glorious today. At one point, I thought it was getting HOT, but it never really got HOT - just seemed that way after all the cold that we have had.

For the most part - the road was OK. Although there was one point where the road had been patched so much that it was hard to tell what was road and what was patched. It was crazy!  Stopped at Sharon Temple to get a picture. A very cool building, but it was closed when we went by, but I have been there for a quilt show and the inside is very neat, in particular the arched stairway to the choir loft.

There were TONS of twists and turns throughout the day which actually made the day much more interesting than get on one road and go straight. A TdC vet from 1993 (Ryan) and his two young sons were out waiting for us around the 30 K mark. The two little boys were very cute and SHY. I don't think we heard one peep from them. They had Timbits for us which was a nice welcome snack.

We stopped in Uxbridge for a coffee and a danish. I know - all these baked goods!!!  But it was worth it. Then we were off again - more twists and turns. Although I do trust Neil, I have to say that I was also checking the map just to make sure that he was on track. I did catch at one point where he missed a turn! But only one.

We stopped in a small town for our late lunch. The only place open was a beer store/general store/post office. Since it was officially a holiday, the post office wasn't getting any business, but the beer part of that store was hopping and there was a steady stream of customers as we sat outside. The other thing we have noticed about this area is the number of refurbished vintage cars. They are everywhere. I don't there was an event today, but perhaps there was.

Arrived in camp before 2:30 PM. Neil had a look at my bike - oh yes - he purchased a Brooks Saddle!!!!!   And said it was the most comfortable day of riding and the seat isn't even broken in!   I refuse to ride anything but those Brooks - they are just the best. Anyway he had a problem with the derailleur on his bike and then he had a peek at mine. I have had this horrible ticking sound all day. Actually have had it before, but it seemed much worse today and I have visions of my  bike falling apart, especially on the hills. We could NOT locate the source of the noise. Let's hope it goes away tomorrow.

Afte a shower and bought a new jersey from Tour du Canada. It will be very appropriate to wear in Quebec as it has the blue fleur de lis on it. Quite nice.

Then it was cook duty. On the menu tonight was Lamb Stew - ick - I don't particularily like lamb so I voted for the vegetarian option with Bill. I have to say that the veggie option was delicious served with rice. Apparently the other version was good as well. Then we had dessert. I had purchased a watermelon which I ate a lot of while I prepared dinner, but shared with the others. We also had pie that I bought at Longo's. They make the best pies!!!!!  And we also had ginger snap cookies that Tish brought over yesterday. Well everything got snapped up in a hurry. Tish - the cookies were a HIT!!!!!   Thanks so much for them - everyone says Thanks!!!!!   Oh yes - this group loves their desserts.
I am tired now even though it is only 8:30 PM. I am going to bed to read and will likely fall asleep soon even though my book is at a very interesting point.

An awesome ride today - just 118 K and not too many hills, but ENOUGH to make it interesting.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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