Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 48 - Nestleton - Carrying Place

We had out kitchen duty this morning. Made French Toast and oatmeal. I have to laugh about the oatmeal - at the beginning - we were making a HUGE pot of oatmeal and it would be gone. Now we make a small pot. I guess people are getting tired of it!!!!  After everything got packed up - we were ready to leave by shortly after 8 AM.

It was a glorious day. A tad cool to start, but it warmed up and we actually rode in just our jerseys!!!   How is that! No jackets, no sleeves, no arm warmers. It was amazing!!!!

I thought it was going to be a long day. I started out and thought that my legs were really really tired. They were a bit tired from the massage, but shouldn`t have been that tired. About 5 K into the ride, I realized that I was in my HIGH gear on the front. So yes - that made it much harder to ride. Once I got into the middle gear - things were much better.

We worked our way down to Lake Ontario which was sort of down hill, but not really. We had loads of twists and turns on the road so that made the day go by fairly quickly. You now - ride 3 K, then turn left, then 5 K and turn right. Neil did a great job of keeping us on track and there were some tricky turns. We stopped in Newcastle at a bakery for a snack - hot scones and tea. That was very tasty indeed. We had met up with Myra and Louise at this point. Myra wanted a haircut so Louise had tea with us.

Oh yes - we did have some excitement on the way. We just missed seeing a calf being born!!!!   When we arrived on scene - the cow was in  the pasture by the side of the road - well you could tell that it was just a newbie. Mommy cow was licking it off. ICK - and it hadn`t even gotten up yet.

Shortly before we hit Newcastle we happened upon this place. A very weird place. It looked like a movie set. There was a brick house with a HOTEL sign on it, attached was thePost Office, the Saloon, the Jail, Doc Holiday place, a barn - well it was weird. A gallows decorated the back area of this place. To top it off - there was a vintage car from the 50s (sorry Berke - I didn`t check the details) and it was black. There was a SKELETON in the back seat - dressed in shredded clothes like it had died there a long time ago. The middle finger on the right hand appeared to be giving an offensive sign!!!!   There was a ghostly thing hanging from the mirror. Several little signs on the car and a helmet in the back window that said "trust no one". Well that and the pictutre on one of the buildings that changed from a prince to a devil - the place gave me the creeps. Did I mention that the car had a VALID license sticker on it!!!!  Oh yeah - it was creepy and one of the windows in the hotel was open. Another glass was broken on one of the windows and had TUCK tape holding the spare glass in place.

When we were at the bakery, I asked the owner about the weird place. Turns out the guy who lives there is a relative of the original Doc Holiday. He rents the place out for weddings and other events. He also brings bands in. WOW - All he needed to do while we were there was look out that open window and well - I would have been gone!!!!!   Oh yes - he does drive that car as well!!!!

The rest of the day passed pretty uneventful. We did cycle on the Watefront Trail once we hit Lake Ontario. I have always wanted to cycle that Trail and now I am doing a good part of it. We even saw signs that WELCOMED cyclists to the various towns along the way and there were some  very pretty ones. We are currently camped closed to Brighton.

We stopped at a small cafe for lunch - I got chocolate milk and ate my peanut butter sandwich. That was a mistake. I don`t know if it was the milk, the sandwich or the combination of the two - but I did not feel well for the rest of the afternoon and burbed up peanut butter taste for the remainder of the day!!!!   OK - got to try eating less - my digestive system just doesn`t like working while I am riding, although I have never had problems in the past. I am thinking it is the quantity - the sandwich and the milk?????   ONly 20 more riding days to get it figured out!!!!!!!!!

We were going to stop for ice cream, but we just did not succeed in finding a place. The one place we stopped at was closed - closed to us I guess since there were people isnide, but as I was digging out my money, a lady put the CLOSED sign right in my face through the window. DRAT and then we never found another place!!!!!

The campground we are in is the BEST. The washrooms are amazing and close to the truck. There are lots of picnic tables close to the truck and our tents are close to the truck. All in all - I would highly recommend this place. As I mentioned before - some of the campgronnds - well a tad worn or sketchy.

I have to say that I was tired last night - I went to sleep at 8:30 PM and woke up at 6 AM!!!!  I never do that!!!!   And I am tired tonight. I hope I am not catching anything and it is just the heat of the day (which we are NOT used to)

Oh yes - it must have been hair cut day because not only Myra get her hair cut, but so did Yukon Greg, Allain, Jacques and Adam. I thought there was one more person, but I can`t remember now.

Anyway - that is it for today.

Have a great day!!!!


And kudos to M - this writing the blog thing in draft form is working perfectly. Once we get access to WiFi (had to pay for it tonight and I just didn`t feel like it), then I can upload these postings. Will try to get some pictures on our next rest day.

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