Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 51 - Rest Day

Wow - Day 51. Hard to believe that we are STILL cycling - well with the occasional rest day mixed in. I never really thought I would have it in me to do something this physical (and mental) for such a long time. Well - of course I knew I could do, but can't believe that HERE I AM!!!!!   We still have a few days (OK - three weeks) before we are done. We still have five provinces to hit before this is over, but TOMORROW is a big day because we leave Ontario after spending a fair chunk of time here.

Had a somewhat decent sleep. Not used to a bed and with the cool air in the room, well I could have slept better.

Got up and off to the cafeteria where we had a GREAT buffet breakfast. You would think they would learn by now that they make NO MONEY on a group of cyclists in a buffet situation!!!!!!   Had about two breakfasts, fruit, lots to drink. Anyway - got well stocked up.

After blogging for a bit, I thought I had better go and get that bike of mine looked at. I called one shop and they said they could look at it. Turns out there are a LOT of bike shops around. I rode downtown which is very close and very easy to get to. As I was riding towards the shop that I had found, I ran into Michel and he told me about this other shop. So I went there. The bike buy looked at my bike IMMEDIATELY (and had already completed the work on Michel's and Allain's). He checked the pedals, checked the bottom bracket. He took it for a ride and deemed it to be FINE!!!!!   His only comment was - perhaps it is the seat as that was the only time the ticking noise didn't happen. Oh boy - now I will have to try that tomorrow. I am glad it wasn't anything too serious. He did notice a screw missing on the head (where the handle bars are attached) - that must have bounced out at some point. And he fixed the twisted handlebar - that happened when the bike fell one day a while back and I never bothered to fix it. So $10 later and about 10 minutes and I was done!!!!!!   I agree with Michel - this bike shop was amazing. It is called Kunstadt Sports on Bank Street. I must write a review on their web page.

Since I was already part way downtown and everyone was telling me to go to Byward Market, I decided to go. It is fun riding your bike. If you see a shop that looks interesting - you just hop off, lock the bike up (and there are bike racks everywhere) and go in. I stopped at a yarn shop that held quilting classes, but didn't really sell fabric or patterns. Hmmmm - that was weird. Stopped at a couple of paper places - I LOVE paper stuff, but I didn't buy anything. I wasn't planning on shopping when I left and so I had no way to carry anything back to the dorm. That was probably a good thing.

Stopped at the Parliament Buildings and I met up with Michel and Allain. Took some pictures and then on to the Market. I walked around with my bike for a bit, looked at a few things, but again, I had NO ROOM to carry anything back. It was neat, but getting to be very hot and humid and I was getting tired. I stopped in
Chapters to enjoy the air conditioning for a bit and use the washroom and then back to the dorm.

After more blogging where those stupid four entries are still SAVING - I don't know what I did to them, but back to the room to read a bit and OK - so I had a little nap. Not much because my cell phone rang and it was some survey thing which I told them I didn't have time to deal with. Since when are we getting those calls on our cell phones?????

Oh yes - the yarn shop - of course they had some amazing stuff, but they also had a QR code in the window or whatever those codes are called. It was cool because it was KNITTED!!!!!!

Back to the cafeteria with Myra's Mom and Dad (no fancy desserts tonight, but I did get the recipe for the ice cream cake!!!!). Yep - they did NOT make any money on us at dinner.

Packed up all the stuff that exploded out of my bags in the room and put some of it in the truck which isn't close. This will save me hauling a whole pile of stuff in the morning.

I'm now going to run to the building next door which is the place to get WiFi - it is NOT available in the dorms - how crazy is that. They have A/C, but no WiFi.

Then read a bit and hopefully get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day especially if it is hot and humid.

My legs were NOT happy with that little ride today. Let's just say that I had better stretch before going to bed tonight or I might be in trouble tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. If you are riding through Montreal and need a bicycle shop, McWhinney's on Sherbrooke St West is owned by my daughter's boyfriend's Father. They will take good care of you!

    Mary V