Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mini update - Number 9

OK - so I am closer to getting the blog updated and with a little help from M - I think I should be able to keep it more up to date on the road. That is why people have children - so they can help with the internet stuff!!!!!   She downloaded the Blogger App to my tablet so that means, I can write the blog and THEN when I have access, I can upload it. DUH - now why didn't I think of that!!!!!

On that note - I managed to get that carton of chocolate milk finished, but it took a big effort to not have the milk dribbling down my chin!!!!

Have a great day - it is time for bed - I have an early day tomorrow to get back to camp so I can ride!!!


1 comment:

  1. Just finished reading your latest adventures. Your ability to carry on despite the tragedy of losing Bob and Irene, bad weather and biting insects is truly impressive.

    I bet those two nights at hme were glorious.

    Stay healthy and motivated.