Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 49 - Carrying Place to Ivey Lea

Up early -no rain - tents are dry!!!!  I love when that happens even though someone (Adam) predicts that we will get rain whenever it is dry in the morning.

The terrain was pretty flat, but we did have ONE fairly steep hill - around 15 percent. Which wasn`t that big of a deal. I got down into my middle gear. I decided to ride in my big gear today. Might as well get more distance from the same effort. I have this crazy ticking noise on my bike - each time I pedal there is a tick tick tick. Pretty annoying. Tonight Mike checked the pedals - perhaps one of those is going. One seems to be a bit loose- could be a bad bearing, but the bottom crank seems to be OK. I am going to try and get it checked out in Ottawa to see if they can find anything. I have visions of something falling apart under stress on a hill.

This part of the trip can be measured by what we eat!!!!   Today it was tea and a nut cluster!!!  Oh boy - I am sure loving the tea. I know we can have tea at camp, but it just isn`t the same or maybe I am just lazy to make it!!!!   And oh those desserts - love them!!!!!   We stopped in Picton and 10K after our stop was the ferry. As we approached the ferrry, I saw the traffic coming towards us - YIKES - ferry traffic - we had better hussle or we will miss this ferry. We booted it down to the dock and managed to get on the ferry. No waiting. Allain and Danny were already there and Larry and G were right behind us. The ferry crossing was only 15 minutes long - if that and it ran every 15 minutes or something so it wouldn`t have been a big deal if we did have to wait.

The ride was certainly more interesting today becase we followed the lake (Ontario) and then we followed the river (St. Laurence). At times, we could feel the spray from the water as the wind carried it up onto the road. Now let`s talk about the wind. It was quite strong and at first we had a head wind - then we had cross wind, then we had a tail wind. It was all over the place, but I think we mostly had a tail wind or a sort of tail wind which was great because it was fierce. At times the cross wind was enough to practially blow you off the road!!!!   I think we did pretty good time to get into camp around 4 PM. 156 K

We stopped for our sandwich at a park that had a chip wagon. I ate my sandwich and had a sprite. And I was happy for the rest of  the day. No stomach problems, so no milk or not as much. Darn - I was really liking that chocolate milk. Then we booted it into Kinston where we stopped at While Mountain right by City Hall to have some wonderful home made ice cream. No cheap, but good!!!!   By this time, the sky was clouding back over and it was threatening rain. But overall the day had been nice - we actually rode with just our jerseys from the get go - well I wore my vest, but most just went without a jacket.

Then we scooted into camp making good time. Our campsite is very close to where Myra`s family lives. So they were there cheering us on at one point. Then they came into camp and we chatted with them. We also helped the cook crew since they are typically late with dinner and we were all hungry. I helped cut up the potates.

After our fabulous dinner of FRESH corn on the cob and mashed potatoes and pork chops, Myra`s family brought out a dessert spread that was to DIE FOR. Oh my - there were muffins, cookies, home made ice cream cake, pie with cool whip, a marshmallow cake and WHEW - I think that is everything. Holy Cow - it was the BEST dessert night by far. Let`s just say that it is a good thing that we are riding another 160K tomorrow. If any of us had lost weight - I think we just put it all back on tonight!!!!!    Thanks to Myra`s family!!!!   You rock!!!!

We are learning a lot about the geography of Ontario. Like where does Lake Ontario end and the river start? By looking at the map - we have determined that Kingston is about the spot where one ends and the other starts. And who knew that Picton and all that area was on an ISLAND!!!!   I couldn`t figure out why there was water on both sides of us and then we had to take a ferry!!!!!  Oh boy - so I do NOT know the Ontario geogrpahy well!!

It was also Rob`s birthday today so Adam bought him a ckae!!!!!    ACK!!!!!   Too much dessert. We decided to save thecake for tomorow. We did sing him Happy Birthday. And guess what - YES - he had a flat tire today. Just like Allain on his birthday and G on his birthday. Yikes - that is THREE and I hope it is the last of flats on birthdays!!!!

We did get a smidgen of rain as we apporached the camp site, but not really enought to talk about. I got into camp - set up my tent immediately and I had no problem with the rain. Then we sat around the truck for dinner and after dinner and there was NO RAIN. It was an awesome evening. The washrooms are close - the tents are close to the truck. That just makes the whole set up a lot nicer than lugging your stuff all over the place.

I had better do a bit of stretching tonight - my legs are tired after all that cycling in that big gear. One more riding day and then we have a rest day INDOORS, going to be nice and hope to get caught up on the blog.

Oh yes - I have to laugh beacause I am now friends with Bill`s sister on Facebook - Hi Donna!!!   And today I got another request from Carole H. Who is Carole????   No idea, but I confrimed her as a friend. Turns out she is a friend of Danny`s.   Ah - these men - who have no clue about technology. Anyway - I do my best to keep everyone up to date!!!!

It is pretty dark in my tent now, so I can barely see the keyboard. Better find my light so I can read a bit. Still a bit early to go to bed.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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