Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Here are some random pictures from the trip.

The first one is the bracelet that I bought in Moose Jaw. Definitely appropriate for the trip.

The second one is my traveling companions. DAWG and George travel with me each day. If it rains, then they get put in the handlebar bag, otherwise, they hang out on the handlebars with me. DAWG is a bit dirtier now than when this picture was taken. See what I mean about the ears - they look like Sammy's ears.

The next one is self explanatory. We of course were entering the province of Manitoba. Since it was on a secondary route, that sign is small, BUT I didn't care what size the sign was as long as there was a sign. Remember I got cheated when I crossed into Alberta - there was NO SIGN.

My point of view when the "kids" were jumping off the dock in Kenora.

Me at the Terry Fox Memorial.

The only picture I have of Bob and Irene. That was the day we visited the Terry Fox Memorial and the day of the accident . They did not visit the Memorial as they had seen it the year before. So they took a shortcut and got ahead of us. We stopped and hand lunch with them that day.

The next one is in the information centre in one of the Lake Superior provincial parks. It was a cold rainy day and we got hot tea and coffee here as well as free WiFi. We looked pretty funny.

My WORN out brakes beside the new brakes. Do you think they got used a bit?????

Bill with his BATMAN costume. Actually his sister sent him this piece of fabric. And why you ask????   Because the name of the campground we were in was called Batman's Campground - that was on Manitoulin Island. And Bill's sister, Jacquie is just crazy!!!!   At least that is what Bill  keeps telling us.

Entering the province of Quebec (OK - so the pictures are a bit out of order).   Again - we came on a secondary route (well by ferry) and I was OK with a sign of any size - as long as there was a sign.  Was a relief to get out of Ontario!!!!!

This is ME in front of the Bank of Montreal in Place d'Armes. I worked in this building for 10 years and who knew that I would be back on a bike!!!!!!   Used to be the head office of BMO until the mass exit to Toronto.

And lastly here is a picture of me as we crossed into Ontario.

OK - that is it for today. I am off to find something to do - laundry is done (did that last night). There is a big shopping mall close by and I might do that. I have been downtown Quebec on numerous occasions and the weather doesn't look that great. Find something to eat and just chill.

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!


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