Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 56 - Rest Day

AH - so nice to get up and NOT have to ride my bike. Almost feel lost!!!!!   Especially with nothing pressing to do since I did my laundry last night and I have no big plans for the day.

After getting part of the blog updated, then it was time for breakfast. Off to the cafeteria where we were allowed EIGHT items. A bit different from the last couple of cafeterias where we could have whatever we wanted!!!!!   But it wasn't a big deal - I did NOT walk away from breakfast feeling faint!

I decided that instead of going downtown - I have been to Old Quebec a number of times when I lived nearby in the late 70s and then later when I lived in Montreal so I decided to hit the mall instead. I was going to buy a pair of pants that didn't look like I was a homeless person and half falling off me, but I wasn't in the mood. I just had a good look around - spent a lot of time in the book store - yes - MOST of the stuff was in french, but still lots to see in any bookstore.  Oh yes - I should say THREE malls within a 10 minute walk from here. There was Ste. Foy and Laurier and one other one. They were side by side - it was CRAZY!!!!!!   And I only did a small part of a couple of them.

Then I fell back on errant ways and had Tims for lunch. I had to laugh though because as you know - I would normally have a peanut butter cookie, but I didn't see any in the display case and when I asked - the poor fellow obviously did NOT understand what I was asking because when I got my soup, hot chocolate and white chocolate cookie - I also got a little package of peanut butter!!!!!!   Oh yipppeeee! - Just what I need  -- my own little stash of peanut butter.  He probably thought I was a nut case because WHO would put peanut butter on the bread to eat with broccoli soup!!!!!

Back to the dorm room to pick up the tablet. I needed to get to a real computer so I could retype those missing blogs. I was able to see the missing four on the tablet, but NOT able to do anything with them. They are stuck in limbo land. But I retyped them on the big computer  at the library which was nice, but still took a lot of time. At least I didn't have to rewrite them!!!

And you have probably noticed that I did manage to get some pictures loaded. Yeah - maybe now that things seem to be working just fine - I will be OK for the rest of the trip.

The other problem that I got solved today is my phone. I wasn't able to take any more pictures as the SD card was FULL. I could not even get in and delete some of the stuff. So I bought a new card - double the size of the last one!!!!!   I asked the guy in Best Buy to put it in my phone because I still haven't been able to figure out how to open the phone. OH BOY - the inside of that phone was FILTHY!!!!!!    Lots of animal hair (I wonder where that came from!!!) and dust and dirt. So now I am able to take pictures and post them to Facebook - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the room where I read for a couple of hours. Those crazy books - sometimes they are slow to start and then BOOM - they get interesting. So I had a good chance to just relax which is what I needed. My back gets awfully tired just walking around. I guess old age is kicking in or I am so used to be hunched over my bike, that my body doesn't like standing up any more!!!!!!

Then Mary, Allain, Greg, Neil, Rob and myself went to the local pub for dinner. I had poutine with my burger and then had creme brulee for dessert. I think the only french food we haven't had yet is tortiere!!!!!   Hmmm - we still have three days in Quebec!!!  You never know.

I guess I had better do some house keeping tonight - I haven't tidied up a THING!!!!   My laundry is still here and I have to get everything back on the truck in the morning before breakfast. 

While I was at the library - I also downloaded the last 8 days of data from my Garmin. Here are the stats so far according to my GPS.

Total days riding - 47
Total K riden - 6,117 K
Hours riding (not including breaks) - 288 hours, 38 minutes
Total elevation climbed - 30,892 Meters
Total elevation descended - 30,902 Meters
Average speed 21.2 KPH
Calories expended - 180,801

On that note - I had better get myself organized and I am sure I can work in a bit more reading tonight.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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