Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 53 - Hudson to Mont St. Hilaire

Another day without rain!!!!!   It is going to be a glorious day. It is also going to be a short day - well in terms of the distance we ride!!!!!   Only 111 K.

Neil, Eric and I got an early start because we have plans to stop in Montreal. We make it onto the island of Montreal and shortly there after we found a bakery that was open. First - let's just say that the bike paths around the island are the best. We had so much fun zipping around them, over bridges, down spiral paths from the bridges, dodging other people on bikes (of all ages), never mind the runners, the joggers, the roller bladers. Anyway - the paths are wonderful. I would move here because of them. And in Montreal - the paths are everywhere. Hey Toronto - are you listening??????

It was nine AM when we hit the bakery so I don't think it was too early. We had mille feuille and a tea. Yum!!!!!   I haven't had one of those in a long time. We took our sweet time enjoying it and most of the group eventually passed us and I got pictures to prove it.

We finally decided that we had better get on the road. Our next destination was the Vieux Port. I used to work in that area a number of years ago - OK - so it was over 30 years ago!!!   I worked across the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral - on Place d'Armes. Oh my goodness - that place has changed - it is so much more open - there used to be steps or a step to get into the square and now there is NOTHING. Spiffy new benches - almost doesn't look like the same place.

I got a couple of pictures beside the bank and we took a few more around the square. Then we were off to find a restaurant for lunch. But not before I had my ego hurt. I clipped one foot into a pedal and turned back to see where Eric was and next thing I knew - I was on my way down. Yep - I lost my balance and down I went. And you know what - when you are going to go over - there is NOTHING you can do about it. Just hang loose and hope for the best. I did a three point landing on my knee, elbow and hip. But my upper inner  thigh hit the bar of my bike and that hurt the most. But no damage - didn't even break the skin on my knee or elbow. However remember when the guy in Ottawa straightened out my handlebar because it was crooked - well it was crooked again!!!!!   I knew it!!!!!!

My stupid foot was still clipped into my bike!!!!!!   A couple of people came to my rescue and helped me up and then we were off down the bumpy cobblestone street to find a restaurant. We found a couple with patios and choose one. NOT WISELY it would appear. While the food was OK, the service was terrible. We would order something and then it took forever to get it. Yet they seemed in a hurry to bring in new people, yet they couldn't get our food to us so we could clear out. Well it was just weird. but we had smoked meat, a beer AND a beaver tail. I mean - why not!!!!!!   We did not pack sandwiches today, knowing that we were going to stop for lunch.

When we finally got our bill paid (I think we were there for TWO hours), we headed to the Pont Jacques Cartier so we could get off the island. I tell you - that place down town was hopping with people and bikes. It was crazy!!!!!!    I wasn't looking forward to crossing that bridge - it is very long and very high, but it wasn't a big deal. A bit of construction - OK - we passed several places with construction, but everything was fine and we got to ride more on the bike path which was just awesome. No traffic to worry about.

Just before getting into camp and we had had NO ICE CREAM!!!!!   I spotted a place across the street (a big four lane street) and we had to make a legal U turn. Got our fix for the day. OH MY GOD - I ate and drank so much today I was NOT hungry for dinner. However that did NOT stop me from eating dinner. They made a delicious salad (avocado with cilantro in it among many other things) so that was awesome. And a rice dish.

More family members out to visit the group. Now the Quebec team is getting to meet their families. And they are out in full force - the family members are popping up everywhere.

Myra had a bit of an accident today. Her bike got caught in a rail way crossing and she fell off and cut her forehead. How she did that - well we don't know. But she seems to be OK - just a bit shook up. Thank goodness it wasn't more serious than that.

Thanks to Sharon and Jan for the letters. I appreciate them all. It is so nice to have something concrete from people - not just Facebook!!!!!  

Well - I won't be eating as much tomorrow - I think a peanut butter sandwich will be in order!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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