Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mini update - Number Eight

OH MY GOD!!!!!!   I AM HOME!!!!!!!!!

Just for two nights. I will be zipping back to the campsite very early on Monday morning. I am in awe of the HUGE keyboard that I have in front of me!  I have had a FABULOUS shower, slathered my body with AVEENO (thanks for the tip Ruth - I feel much better already!), drank TONS of cold water because if I have to go pee in the night - it is NO BIG DEAL!!!!

So nice to see DH and M - I missed them more than I thought I did. And let's not forget the girls, although I think their nose was a tad out of joint. They were mad because I left, but they are OK now.

I hope to get some blogging done tomorrow, but managed to download the data from the Garmin. Are you ready????

Total distance so far - 4,845 KM. I know - ON A BIKE!!!!!!
Elevation gain of 26,491 M
Average speed of 21 KPH
Calories consumed (according to the formula in the computer) - 145,557

Wow - well that is all you get for tonight.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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