Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 52 - Ottawa to Hudson

WOW - I have  been seeking the PERFECT cycling day and I got it TODAY!!!!!!!

We started off getting everything back on the truck (oops - make that almost -turns out that we did forget a few people's bags back at the residence so we scrambled a bit tonight and dug up an extra tent and some extra bedding for them - don't ask for details - let's just say that we have an extra tent on the trip.

But we did start a bit later than usual. First we went to the cafeteria and pigged out at breakfast. Oh boy - we ate a lot. Had to wait for Adam to get our maps and once we had those - we were off. We started by riding alongside the Rideau Canal which was gorgeous. Then past 24 Sussex Drive, the Mint and many other landmarks. Next thing we knew - we were off in the country.

We crossed the first of two ferries today - a small one and we arrived just as the ferry was about to take off so we didn't have to wait. It cost $2 to take the ferry. We had met up with Eric by this time and he decided to ride with us. After the ferry (around the 40 K mark) Neil started to look for a bakery! Of course!!!  Instead we found a small restaurant where Neil and Eric had a second breakfast. I just had toast!

BUT - the most important thing about that ferry - we were now in QUEBEC!!!!!!!   Good bye to Ontario. It was nice to get into a new province and hard to believe that we had been in Ontario for 25 days!!!!!!!!

The terrain was mostly flat - one or two small climbs that don't even count. There were no bugs, there was NO humidity, NO hot temperature - we actually had a slightly cool breeze. There was wind, but mostly a tail wind. The roads were in very good shape - wide smooth shoulders for most of the day. Honestly we sailed along at a pretty good clip - around the 30K mark for most of the day. Of course - I can't tell you my average speed until I get to a computer, but it was a great day. I didn't even mind that we did 165 K. It felt like NOTHING - no effort. That is so exciting!!!!!

And we only have one more day in the 165 K range. Nothing in the 150's, lots in the 140;s, but that is OK by me. We have done our share of 160K plus days and I don't want to do any more so knowing there is just one more is very exciting!!!!!!

We didn't make sandwiches this morning so we had to find a restaurant for lunch. We stopped at a local burger joint in Montebello. That was after we stopped at Chateau Montebello. Wow - what a place. I did take a peek inside the hotel and it is very impressive!!!!!   I will have to treat myself to a five star vacation after this tenting business!!!!   I won't know what to do with myself!!!!   And for some reason - I kept getting Montebello and Portobello mixed up. So when I saw the Portobello burger on the menu, I had to have that thinking I was eating something of the town's namesake until Eric reminded me that I was in Montebello, not Portobello!!!!   DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were tons of motorcycles on the road today. Lots of trikes as well and lots of women riders. The restaurant where we ate was full of bikes and we thought if it is good enough for them - it is good enough for us!!!

Back on the road for another 40 K before we would start to look for ice cream. I know - it is becoming embarrassing to tell you how much we eat in a day!!!!!  We had to take another ferry and right after that ferry there was a small restaurant that served ice cream. Then it was 30K to the camp site. We cranked it up and made it into camp in decent time.

Not before we had a tour of Hudson and the classy houses along the water. OH MY GOD - if I thought the rich people lived along Georgian Bay - I was wrong - they live HERE. Some of the places we have seen were unbelieveable. And hard to believe that they are a single dwelling!!!!!

Marie-Andree - a Tour du Canada vet from 2010 stopped by just before dinner and guess what - she brought TONS of dessert. Oh my - we still had NOT eaten Rob's birthday cake from three days ago. So we had a little bit of everything including some ice cream that showed up from somewhere. And the worst part - I NEVER eat much dessert at home. BUT here - well it is becoming a bit overwhelming at the amount of dessert that is showing up. Anyway, Marie Andree also brought a couple of picture books from her trip. OH MY GOD - I don't think I have taken enough pictures so I had better get my butt in gear over the next couple of days. There is still so much to see before we arrive in Nfld.

Had a good dinner and catching up on the gossip of the day. Also - we are in Montreal tomorrow so trying to orient ourselves for what we want to see and do. Let's just say that we are NOT taking sandwiches tomorrow. We are eating somewhere!!!!!!

Nice to be back in my tent!!!!   I am all organized and ready for tomorrow. Let's hope I can post this blog from my tent. It is Saturday night (I think) and the Quebecois know how to party. There is lots of loud music coming from the shelter, the campground is full. I wonder how late it will go?????

I have to say that I am excited to be back in Quebec. I love this province and may have to move here - the bike paths/roads are to die for!!!!!

On that note - I am tired (too much dessert) and need to get some sleep. Other than my knees bothering me a bit (part of it was that one day when I was in my big gear and I think I pushed a bit too hard). And part of it is just the wear and tear of riding every day. OK - so part of it is not stretching. I shall stretch a bit before bed.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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