Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 65 - Murray Beach - Cornwall

I did not get a good night's sleep. At first I could hear one person snoring, then I could hear two people and even though I had been tired earlier (even had a semi snooze in a lawn chair), I just couldn't get to sleep. Then at 9:30 PM, I caught a whiff of a skunk!!!!!   Oh dear - I hope that wasn't near my tent!!!!!

Eventually I did go to sleep, but a fitful sleep. I ended up putting in ear plugs for the snoring but I could still hear them. Perhaps I need new ear plugs. Then I woke up 15 minutes LATE this morning. Because of the darn ear plugs, I could hear NO ONE moving around. Then when I realized what was happening - NO ONE was up like usual. This campsite was WIDE open to the ocean (well the strait) and the wind was blowing and the rain was pounding on the tent. So no one wanted to get up!!!!!   But when I did brave the elements - it wasn't that bad. The rain didn't last long and the wind did die down. I got rid of all the loose things in the tent and then pulled the tent closer to the truck so it wasn't blowing around so much. The tent was a bit wet, but not so bad.  It is amazing how amplified the sounds are when you are in your tent.

Today is the day we crossed into PEI. I know  another province. Now we are not allowed to cross the bridge on our bikes, so we have to take the shuttle. We were told that the shuttle starts at 8:30. No big deal - Neil and I left around 7:30 and got to the bridge at 8 AM to find 2 half tons and the bike shuttle waiting for 20 cyclists to show up!!!!   Oh oh - anyway, Yukon Greg wasn't too far behind us and then the three of us got a ride across in one of the trucks. But not before we went up the observation tower and got some awesome shots of the bridge. I sat in the front of the truck so I could take pictures as we crossed the 12.9 K of bridge. Last year, I made Mike take pictures with my camera as we crossed!!!!!!  

Then we were let off at the "tourist" village on the PEI side of the bridge. We took some pictures of the bridge from that end. PEI is famous for its COWS brand ice cream and YES - there is a shop at this tourist village. So we had to start the day with ice cream!!!!!   So many flavours to choose from - you need to check out their web site  - they have amazingly cute T-shirts. I didn't buy anything, but there was a cute bag that screamed NEIL all over it. Something about happiness and ice cream!!!!! 

At last we were on our way and by this time, we had seen most of the others arrive at the village and were gone. But not before we got a picture of the sign for PEI.

The roads are pretty decent here. Once we are off the main route (highway 1), there are no shoulders, but the drivers are so darn courteous - well it was a very pleasant day. We had to stop in Victoria by the Sea for a famous chocolate shop. I know - we stopped for TWO dessert breaks before lunch. Thank goodness, the trip is almost over!!!!!   We had the special of the day - fresh fruit (amazing fresh fruit), covered in chocolate and topped with real whip cream. And I got a tea with honey. Let's just say that we drooled a LOT in that shop!!!!!!

We met up with Danny, Rob, Larry and Gee and we all had the snack in the chocolate shop. Then Neil and I were off again. I think the others stayed for lunch in another restaurant in the same town.

We did have a decent wind for most of the day, although we knew that at one point we were going to get a headwind. There were several little twists on the road where we had to make an executive decision about where to go. A few others chose to take different routes (as usual) - a few didn't realize that they did not take the route as planned and wondered why their kilometers at the end of the day were much shorter than the rest!!!!!   I did catch Neil trying to cut the day short and we went all around this one part of the island as planned. There were lots of hills, but they were rolling so you could get a good down hill and then momentum would take you up most of the way on almost all of the hills. It was a great day.

About 8 K from camp - we hit a HEADWIND. It was so bad that I was wondering if we were even going anywhere. It was fierce and a smidgen of rain at that point, but nothing to worry about. We did stop at one point to eat our peanut butter sandwiches - sandwiches which had been languishing in our bags for about three days and well - three days is a tad long to hang onto a sandwich - even a peanut butter one. They were a bit dry, so as we entered Cornwall, we scouted a Tim's and I had some soup. I figured I had better not eat any more dessert for the day!!!!!

We headed into camp which was a short distance away and got the tent more or less dried out. Even though we did not get rain today, well we did get a little bit at one point - enough for me to take off my glasses but that was mostly because we were working up the hills and they kept getting fogged up. Yes - don't let anyone tell you that PEI is flat because it is NOT!!!!!  

Robin and her husband Clark and their three dogs came to visit. They have been on the island all summer. I am thinking that would be fun - rent a house for a month and cycle the entire island. Anyone want to share a house?????   You don't have to cycle - I'll do that!!!!!!   Anyway - it was great to see Robin and we had a great chat while we walked the dogs who were VERY interested in going in the water, although they were not allowed!!!!!   I don't think they were too happy about that. Robin brought fresh baked cookies which were to die for!!!!!!!  I must try to scoop the recipe from her. And then all too soon - they had to get back home as they are leaving for Toronto tomorrow morning!!!!!

Another great supper - yep - going to miss those meals!!!!!  And all the company. It is going to be boring to sit at home and have dinner. I will miss the rather lively discussions about what everyone did during the day - what hidden spots or treasures they discovered. And then let's not forget the discussion about the next day's route. What does "shorter, but more hilly" really mean?????   Is the longer way really better?????   What time is the ferry????   You know - all important details that MUST be figured out!!!!

The campground we are at is pretty decent, although it is busy, but then I realized - it is Friday night (I think so) so that would explain why the campsites around us are full. Well - just might have to keep those ear plugs handy!!!!!

We have six days of riding left. At this point - the only comment I have about the Cabot Trail is BRING IT ON!!!!!!   I feel strong, and personally - let's just get that over with!!!!!!   Then we can enjoy the rest of the trip!!!!!!  

I always seem to think of things to write when I am on the road - you know - some of the stupid little things that happened and then when I get to write the blog at night - well I have already forgotten them!!!!!   A sign of old age?????  Or they weren't too important!!!!!! 

Bill's cook crew was on duty tonight and although, Bill has a good job as a tatoo artist, I really think he should become a cook!!!!   I mean a chef - he runs a mean kitchen and is running around like a crazy person, cooking chicken, getting the water ready and well - he is just an awesome guy!!!!   And all with a smile on his face. Look out Chef Ramsey!!!!!  And I think Bill helps out with several other cook crews as well. A very versatile guy!!!!! 

So many wonderful people with hidden talents - so many memories!!!!!!   I dare not share too many stories of what each person is like - well maybe later!!!!!!

On that note - it is time to get ready for bed. That is so sad because it isn't late at all!!!!!   Actually - I will get some reading in before I get tired.

And if the weak internet signal works - this blog will get posted tonight.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. This is what happens when you have a weak internet end up posting twice. Ask me how I


  2. If you are near The Dunes at Brackley (spelling??) Beach, say hello to the owner Peter J. from me, the aunt of Inara who was a close
    friend of his late sister. I know Peter's parents well.