Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 66 - Cornwall - Lower Barney's River

Based on how busy the campground was last night, I figured it was going to be very noisy last night, but in fact it was pretty quiet. I did hear people chatting around their campfire. I put in my ear plugs and read until 10 PM and then I was GONE. Woke up at 5 for some reason but of course I did not get up until 6 AM. 

Got things organized and left camp around 7 AM. The usual!!!   Really starting to get into a routine and there are only 5 days of riding left and soon things are going to change!!!!

We were trying to catch the 11:15 AM ferry to Nova Scotia and according to the map we had 74 K to get to the ferry. Hmmm - right off the bat - we did 2 K coming out of the campground that were NOT included in the mileage so make that 76 K.  We had pretty decent riding conditions - went right through Charlottetown. I LOVE that town and remember the fabulous used book stores that I found last year. But no time to stop, BUT if I rent a house on PEI next year - I could browse several times in those stores!!!

Anyway - we had to make a tour onto one of the scenic routes and I remember getting confused last year and it appears that we did the same thing this year because we added another 5K to the day because we did the ENTIRE scenic route rather than just part of it. Well no big deal - we did end up getting to the ferry with one hour to spare and a total of 81K. Yes - we really pedaled hard and with the mostly tailwind - it was a pretty decent ride. Honestly - my legs are feeling very strong (I know - you are thinking - THEY SHOULD BE) and it was just one of those days when you could ride forever. Well almost!!!!!   But the sun was out, it wasn't too hot and just perfect.

Neil and I had a second breakfast while we waited at the ferry dock and soon half of our group had arrived. We got on the ferry - they sure are NOT equipped to take bikes because there are NO racks - you just shove the bike in a corner - if such a thing exists on the ferry. At least, the BC ferries have a bike rack - not a rack for 12 bikes, but at least for one or two. Headed upstairs to get our COWS ice cream. I know - TWO days in a row - that is disgusting!!!!!   Especially since I do NOT eat ice cream on a regular basis.

Once we got off the ferry, we had to stop for the picture with the Nova Scotia sign. There was quite a group of us and it took a bit of time.  Neil and I headed into Pictou - he had been there before and had wanted to see the progress being made on a  replica of the ship that brought 200 Scottish settlers to Canada. Oh my - it is a tiny ship compared to what we have today!!!!!!  And YUP - we then stopped for lunch and had a beer. Thank goodness, there are only 5 more riding days!!!!!!  But in fact - our total calorie intake is NOT that huge. I don't think I am eating HUGE quantities - maybe huge calories, but not that huge.

Back on the road with more twists and turns. We had about 50 K to get into camp once we got off the ferry. The neat thing is that I know some of the roads because we cycled them last year when we did Tour Atlantic. The funny thing is that I really only remember those spots where something happened. This one road was under construction last year and I remember the spot where Sharon lost her jacket and had to go back to retrieve it!!!!!   Very bizarre - the rest of the roads - a total blur!!!!   A sure sign of old age!!!

The last 20K were against a fierce head wind. And I remember that head wind from last year. It was ugly, but I do have to say that I am stronger so it doesn't bother me as much, but still a pain, especially since there are hills. And I am remembering the head winds that we had last year as we continued up the coast. Tomorrow is a long day - 167 K - I am not sure how "excited" to be about that!!!!   I will be glad when the day is over as that is our LAST long day - well longer than 100 miles!!!

Another TdC vet showed up in camp. Keith did the trip in 2011. They brought fresh fruit tray and cookies. I LOVE these guys!!!!!   I will have to figure out a place to meet the group next year - if I am in PEI - then I could meet them there!!!!   BUT I must bring something for dessert!!!!!   Got to do some research when I get home.

I remember the campsite that we are in - same one that we were in last year, although I didn't think the location was the same from the maps - well as you know - my brain doesn't work all that well sometimes!!!!   I have NO memory for things and in particular places.  Again - we are right on the water and it is windy!!!!   Putting up the tent was like trying to fly a kite!!!! The tent would have been history if I had not held on for dear life. Needless to say - it is WELL pegged into the ground tonight.

Another fabulous dinner - I am going to miss these meals for sure once we are back home. Especially since I will then have to cook every night!

Took me forever to get myself organized in my tent tonight - I think I had to walk back to the truck THREE times before I got everything I needed. I am not sure why that happened - I am usually very good and get it right the first time. Supposedly we have internet so I will try to publish this post tonight without having to walk to the bathroom (where the routers are usually housed). Had to do that last night and it seems that I posted the same post TWICE!!!!!!

Margo - I am looking forward to those Nanaimo bars!!!!!!     and catching up on all the gossip from the Monday girls!!!!!   Soon!!!!

On that note - I am in the middle of a GREAT John Grisham book and I NEED to find out what is happening.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May or may not have internet as we head along the Cabot Trail.

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  1. Well, I made nanaimo bars today and bean salad. We are having Potluck on Monday to celebrate the end of summer! I will make more!! I am having trouble to find some of the places where you are staying, but maybe need a new map/atlas. Have a fun ride on the Cabot Trail. Wish we were here, but in a car. Off to Mtl. next weekend and then to LLBean in Maine. Keep on, keepin' on.