Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 61 - St. Damase - Petit Rocher

OK - so Adam is RIGHT!!!!!   I hate to admit it, but we woke up this morning and our tents were dry - and guess what - we had RAIN!!!!!!!

We had a bit later start this morning. Owing to the fact that no one slept well the night before, and we had a time change, we decided to have breakfast a bit later. So I got up at 6:30 AM, not 6 AM. And I needed that extra sleep because I was pretty tired and slept until 6:30. I mean - we really did NOT get much sleep the night before and it was a LONG tiring day.

Even though today was going to be a short day, Neil and I thought we would head out early. We left at 8 AM which is almost one hour later than normal. Michel came with us as we were on cook duty tonight.

We had some hills and we had a bit of headwind to get started on the day, but then we got a tailwind and oh yes - that was fun. At times we were sailing along at great speeds - sometimes into the mid 30s. Good grief - I could take a day like this any time.

A quick side trip in Campbellton to see the BIG salmon. One of the few big road side attractions that we have seen on this trip. This is fly fishing territory and home to lots of salmon!!!!!

Our first stop was 30 K into the day at Dalhousie. OK - so I am a DOLT. Some people got mixed up and thought this was a university town, but it is not. Dalhousie university is in Halifax, but I am telling people that there is a town called Dalhousie across the harbour from Halifax. Neil corrected me finally telling me that the town is called DARTMOUTH!!!!!   OK - so I better take up a course in Canadian geography when I get home. I knew that, but you get caught up in the moment and well - I just am a DOLT!!!!!!

We had a  choice between Tim's and a local restaurant. We chose the local restaurant which turns out to be the local hangout from the sounds of the conversations. Had toast and OJ which was just perfect. We met up with some of the others who were stopping at Tim's.

We had been warned about a hill as we were coming out of Dalhousie and OH BOY - we were NOT disappointed. There was a MASSIVE hill - straight up and steep. I just geared down and went up. It was 14% for quite a way and although my legs seem to have no problem with the hills, my lungs are still not used to all that work!!!!   I am huffing and puffing by the time I get to the top, but there is NO question that I will have to walk  - I just suck it up, gear it down and ride!!!!!

There were few places to stop along the rest of the trip, although we did stop at a convenience store and got chocolate milk - yes I tried it again and I was fine. Oh yes - when we were in Dalhousie, a lady we saw said it was going to rain by noon. Oh CRAP !!!!!  No big rain gear because in the morning, it had looked just fine. We noticed that the road was getting wet, but we had no rain. Then we finally caught up to the rain and although it didn't rain too long, it was WET. But not too wet, my feet only just got wet and I think most of that was from the spray on the road.

The roads weren't in the best condition - I mean some of the shoulders weren't that great, but not a lot of traffic. So with that tail wind - we sailed along nicely. And we arrived at camp before the truck and 4 KM less than it said on the maps. Yeah - my kind of day - so it was 97 K. How nice is that!!!!!!

We are right on the beach and it is gorgeous, although it was a bit windy when we arrived and we had to watch that the tents did not blow away!!!!!!  Let's just say that they are well staked in tonight!!!!!   The wind has died down though so we should be OK. Now I realize that we have had a bit of practice putting our tents up and most of us can do it in minutes, but after the tents were up and I had a shower (and was too early to start dinner), I was reading and noticed a couple of young girls come in. They were trying to put up an obviously brand new tent. Brand new because when they opened the bag - they were surprised when they popped out a couple of chairs!!!!!   So I watched them for 45 minutes and they were NOT making progress. I saw some of our guys watching them and when I went to talk to our guys - they had all discussed the options - should they just watch or should they help?????   Danny finally broke down and went to help them. Good thing because otherwise, they might still be trying to put up the tent.   WE got quite a chuckle out it.

A rice dish was on the menu and ceasar salad. Our team quickly put the ingredients together and we ate just before six PM which was one of the earliest times we have eaten at least in a long time!!!!!!!   

I managed to get a lot of pictures today (well at camp), just of the group - just hanging out. Those are the best pictures and I have to remind myself to take them.

Well the tide has gone out, will be interesting to see what the bay is like in the morning. A nice campground - nice showers, nice bathrooms and not that far away from the truck. And it is QUIET here

On that note - I am out of here!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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