Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mini update - Number 13

Just some quick stats - we have 14 riding days left. According to our maps - we have ridden 5,896 K and we still have 1,760K to ride. An average of 130 K per
day, although we do have one long day left (over 160K).

My numbers will be slightly different, but you get the picture.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I'm proud, actually in awe, of you! I can't even imagine doing what you're doing! Could you write a book and many of us may just get a hint of what makes you go and go?

  2. Just read windaturback and saw that you were on a bike path going to Mtl. You passed by Doug's brother's house in Lachine. Wish I had known that, I would have asked them to yell as the gang passed by. Wow. Take care, ride carefully. Nanaimo Bars when you get back!!!