Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 43 - Manitoulin Island to Toermory

We had a big rain storm last night, but nothing compared to what we have had in the past. Then I couldn`t go to sleep afterwards!!!!!  I just got out my book and my little light and read untl I was tired again and then I was fine. Oh yes - we might be camping and my tent might be small, but it has all the comforts of home!!!!!!!!   Since I have started to use my sleeping bag as a blanket and not sleep in it - it is much more comfortable to toss and turn on my narrow air mattres. I am actually getting a very comfy sleep and let`s not forget the two pillows!!!!!

Got up early - well I NEVER get up before 6 AM, even though I may be awake. Otherwise, I will be ready and then have NOTHING to do!!!! It takes me ONE hour from releasing the air mattress to being ready to roll out of camp, sometimes even less so I don`t push the getting up thing.

We were off early with easy terrain and a really nice ride. Of course - we only had 60K to ride in the entire day so that helped to motivate us to ride!!!! We got to South Bigmouth with THREE hours to kill before we had to catch the ferry. We had spied some signs for fish and chips on the way down so that is what we did. We popped into one of the restaurants at the docks and event though it was 10:30 AM - we had fish and chips. White fish that was so yummy. Again - was it because we were hungry or because it was actually good??????  Probably a bit of both.

I looked around a bit and bought a couple of small things including a book that we should have read BEFORE we hit Northern Ontario. It was called "There is More to Northern Ontario than Rocks and Treess!!!"  Pretty cute!!!!  I can`t remember who the author is at this point, but he had several other books about other areas of Ontraio.

OK - so there are many things about Ontario that I have no knowledge about. One of them was the Chi Cheemaun ferry. I had NO IDEA it was as big as it was. While not quite as big at the BC Ferries, it was in that caliber. That blew me away!!!!!   The crossing was 1 hour and forty five minutes so we popped up to the cafeteria and got something to drink and watch the crossing. We sat next to a guy who struck up a conversation with us. Turns out he has a trailer on Manitoulin and was on his way home (his wife was having a girls weekend and there was NO ROOM for him). He also knows all the ferry staff so we managed to get a visit to the bridge!!!!!   That was pretty cool and while we were allowed to "steer" the ferry, the guy that was steering went immediately to the emergency steering. I guess in the event that we cranked that wheel hard or something!!!!!   I had to laugh - we are out in the middle of a HUGE lake with NOTHING around us!!!!!   Anway - we got to talk to one of the officers and see the crossing from a different point of view. Very interesting especially since Neil sails! Then back to the cafeteria to wait.

After we got off the ferry, we had SEVEN K to ride to camp. I LOVE LOVE LOVE short days - so good for the morale!!!! Margo (from Tour du Canada) met us at the campsite and picked up Bob and Irene`s stuff from the truck, (Bud was gonig to the funeral and would drop their stuff off with the famly) and  she brought more mail!!!!!!   My Mom made me the cutest cards - when I get the pictures loaded - you will see them.

Even though it was a short day, it was still a bit later when we arrived at camp because of the ferry crossing. I helped with dinner so it wouldn`t be too late and I had nothing else to do anyway. Again ate too much for dinner - actually it isn`t a question of eating too much, it is more that I can`t eat much during the day so when I do have some quantity of food, I feel awful because my stomach just isn`t big enough to deal with it. A stupid catch 22 situation.

Becky`s parents live close by so some of her family came up to vist with her. She had been in Thailand teaching prior to the trip and hadn`t seen them since September.

The campsite is pretty decent - lots of trees, decent showers!!!

Hard to believe that we are on Day 43!!!!   Who would have thought that I could camp for 43 days straight (well a couple of indoor stays in there) and that I could cycle this far!!!!   I am kind of in awe myself when I think about it. It hasn`t really sunk in yet that we have really cycled as far as we have. I will just have to have a map in front of me to make me realize the enormity of the entire thing. But for the moment, I don`t want to think about that. I am taking it ONE day at a time. That is about all I can handle at the moment!

Pedaling is good, I feel great. I am sometimes lazy when I see hills. Oh crud - just gear down and keep going. I don`t gear down into those bottom gears though - I am saving those forthe Cabot Trail. and because my legs are stronger, I don`t need to gear down either.

On that note - I had better go find something to eat. I am getting hungry!!!!!   (It is now rest day in Ottawa and almost breakfast time!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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